Next release of “Libris”, a film about life in 12 secluded monasteries

The premiere of the film will be in Spanish cinemas next Saturday, April 21. It is expected to arrive soon in the United States and Latin America.

The production companies Bosco Films and Variopinto Producciones announce the Spanish premiere of the film “Libres”, which shows what life is like in 12 secluded convents, with material that will be shown on the big screen for the first time.

The producers explain that Liberace tours 12 monasteries to “enter the solitary walls of life and reveal first-hand what drives someone in the 21st century to decide to give up on life.” enormous inner life.”

As detailed on the film’s website, “There are about 2,100 secluded monasteries in the world. They are inhabited by people who abandon external life in search of inner fulfillment. The camera has rarely been allowed into their lives and their world. What you will see and hear here is unprecedented.”

Representatives of the production companies specify that “obtaining permission to access these mysterious and mystical places was a great challenge for us, which we achieved thanks to the support of the DeClausura Foundation. There are few occasions when people outside monastic life have been able to enter secluded monasteries with their cameras. In this sense, the documentary seeks to be It is “a journey into the inner man, and in his essence, towards freedom”.

The Spanish film was directed by Santos Blanco, the script was in charge of Javier Lorenzo, while the executive production was handled by Lucia González Barandiaran. Musical composition is the work of Oscar Martín Lanezbarrutia and photography by Carlos de la Rosa García.

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Blanco comments on the film’s website that it appeared in 2019, during the pandemic, when he collaborated with various monasteries to help them sell their products and thus support themselves. This led him to learn more about the contemplative life, and it was there that the idea of ​​making this film came about.

The producers say that “the filming was a delicate and very respectful job,” which is why they note: “We are grateful for the confidence of the religious congregations who opened the doors of their convents so that ‘Libres’ could be executed.”

They highlight, “It was a unique experience for these men and women to enter the silence, peace, and way of life, and we are very happy to be able to bring this film to cinemas so soon.”

For more information and to request, finally, show “Libres” in your country, you can enter this connection. +

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