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The versions that made their way to Xbox subscription service are different and better.

It was very big days X-Box And all his fans after that Confirm your purchase of Microsoft ZeniMax, He merged Xbox Game Pass Many video games, and more in the coming days, like the long-awaited indie games Narita Boy. Two of the video games that arrived on Game Pass from PC Recently Yoke: Automata s Inner evil, And it seems they have By surprise.

The PC versions of these two games have been criticized for having various issuesComputer versions of these video games have been criticized by gamers for being so Performance problemsRegardless of the quality of the user’s computer. For example, in the case of NieR: Automata, Kaldaien’s Mod is best known, a fan-generated file that has made the game more stable, and thus, It will be played better.

Square Enix has never been updated Game, but the version appears to have arrived at Xbox Game Pass Fixed performance issues According to IGN and New graphic options. This release is NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition (loads all content), As confirmed by QLOC, Responsible for this adaptation. The improvements announced by the study also add up HDRAnd the FidelityFXAnd borderless image full screen and texture of 4K interface.

But the good news They don’t end there: The Evil within en Game Pass de PC It is also the best. Shinji Mikami, which was widely praised and loved by the public, performed poorly on PC. Now, YouTube user Jigzaw_Killer, Speed ​​runner Of the game and that he knows it well, Share the news I noticed about the video game in the PC version of Game Pass, like GamingBolt collected.

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The content creator sees this release as basically a type of Remastered. They added an option for First person mode With a modification Field of viewMode with infinite ammo, new first person icons, options for adjusting camera movement, resistance adjustments, and game Feel more aerodynamicHe stressed.

12 other Xbox Game Pass games

Next to 20 new Bethesda games coming to arcade gameXBox announced what a few days ago Service additions In the rest of March. Without a doubt, a great month for Xbox Game Pass users who received About 40 new games. In the remainder of March, 12 new video games coming to Game Pass, featuring role-playing, action, strategy, and more.

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