New York is enveloped in smoke from the Canadian wildfires

La espesa niebla naranja envolvió locales iconicas of the city of Nueva York desde inicios of this semana, dejando postales que parecieran haber salido de alguna película post apocalíptica, debido al humo de los incendios forestales de Canada, that ya levantaron alertas en todo el noreste de United State.

As of Wednesday, the US National Weather Service issued air quality advisories from New England to South Carolina along the East Coast, as well as Ohio and Kansas in the Midwest, urging millions of residents to limit your time outdoors, warning of fine particles in the air. Atmosphere. It can make breathing difficult and pose health risks.

Across the entire East Coast, schools and other outdoor activities have been suspended due to the risks posed by exposure to these particles, and the recommendation has also been extended to businesses to return their workers to a home office where possible, because authorities have warned that residents should stay home.

This mass of smoke comes from Canada, where the wildfire season got off to an unusually early and intense start due to continued hot and dry conditions. With more than 400 active wildfires in Canada, authorities have warned that this year will be one of the worst on record.

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Eleven thousand people have already abandoned their homes in that district and another 4,000 are being prepared to evacuate. Since the beginning of spring, 2,203 forest fires have been recorded and nearly 3.8 million hectares burned; An amount much higher than the average for the past decades.

In the past four years, both the United States and Canada have experienced the worst records of wildfire seasons, while in recent years more and more extreme weather events have been encountered, the intensity and frequency of which have increased due to the climate crisis.

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