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The Changes to terms and conditions announced by WhatsApp The company announced that it will go into effect at the beginning of the year this month. The new policy was due to be implemented in February but had to be delayed due to the controversy it sparked among the app’s users.

Advertise this part of WhatsApp content can be shared to Facebook, The company that owns the messaging service, has caused confusion among hundreds of thousands of people who use the app to communicate daily. The new terms and conditions were seen as introducing user privacy.

Although WhatsApp denied this was the last, they decided to postpone the changes that will take effect this month. May 15 will be the deadline for accepting the new terms.

From the company they explained that The update will provide more transparency in the way data is collected and used It is part of the data integration with Facebook, a platform also owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

the changes

Notifying users of the changes that were reaching users at the beginning of the year through a pop-up message on the screens, WhatsApp announced that, starting February 8th, it will be able to “Use of Facebook hosted services to store and manage your WhatsApp conversations” And partnering with the social network “to provide product integrations”.

The message also notified that after the specified date, “You must accept updates to continue using WhatsApp.”

Among the data that the app will now share with Facebook User phone number, basic profile information, device location, contacts, and shared statuses. WhatsApp explained at the time: “We can use the information we receive to operate, provide, improve, understand, personalize, support and promote our services.”

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In terms of conversations, the app guarantees that It will still be protected by “end-to-end encryption”.

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