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Director of the College of Medicine Enrique Herediaregarding the failed partial exams for the first article of the study plan new dairy that all the students who appeared to have recovered the first part and did not pass would not be free; They will have the opportunity to take a fresh recovery at the end of the cycle.

This output was approved after a meeting with the university president Victor Claros With the chair management team, where the proposal of a final comprehensive recovery prevailed as a way out of the claims of the students due to the negative result that none of the students of the first batch of medicine could fully pass the exam.

With this alternative, students will be sought to give the opportunity to continue the course but, from UNSa, have declared that “demand levels will not decrease”.

How will it be implemented

Heredia explained that the students’ exams are divided into 4 axes (chemistry, physics, biology, and literacy), and that to pass the questionnaire, students must pass each axis with a success rate of 80%.

In the first part, no student succeeded in completing 80% in the four axes, “There were those who managed to complete 3 axes and did poorly in only one,” the principal specified.

Last week, the students took the recovery test, in which they only had to recover those axes in which they did not reach the necessary 80%.

new instance

Heredia confirmed to new dairy which established this new example of recovery for students which will occur at the end of the course in May, and where students who still fail to reach 80% in the four hubs, may have the opportunity to pass the hubs in those who are still defective.

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The novelty of this procedure lies in the fact that if the student fails to achieve the goals in the first state of recovery, he is released and therefore cannot continue studying, which in the case of medicine means that he has to try again in 2023, due to the association that this issue has .

With this decision to create a comprehensive make-up at the end of the course, students who have not passed neither the partial nor the recovery state will be able to continue studying and even take the second part, which, in case of failure, will also be recovered in the integrated version for the month of May.

As for the students who have already passed the four axes at 80% set by the study plan approved by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU), Heredia stressed that “there are very few”, but she stressed that with a measure: the final recuperation gives students the possibility to continue in their studies.

On the other hand, he emphasized that the procedure only includes students who have submitted a refund status for the first part, so those who did not submit themselves would not be able to get the final comprehensive recovery and were free on the course.

“There was a 22% absenteeism between those who showed up for the first partial and those who showed up to recover…They threw in the towel before the time,” he said.

More than 701 students attended the first part, while about 580 students attended for recovery, according to professional sources.

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  • Claros meeting on student claims.

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