New technologies to improve the health and well-being of older adults

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the many possibilities that new technologies offer to improve the health and well-being of older people. Over the past year, technology has proven to be a very effective tool in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of many diseases, as well as in maintaining the physical and mental health of the elderly.

New technologies reduce anxiety and insomnia levels

Aging area new technologies anxiety insomnia

Article by Susanna Toure, Communications Department of La Vostra Llar . Group
La Vostra Llar Residential Centers have a weekly program of activities and treatments that are adapted to the needs, interests and abilities of the users being cared for. A dynamic program, which is modified, modified and customized throughout the user’s stay in … Read more

Digital and Ancient Technologies: New Challenges Today

Aging area major digital technologies

Article by Mayte Vázquez Resino, Health Psychologist
“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves determines the quality of our lives.” Anthony Robbins
In December 2019, Covid-19 appeared, and it was recognized as a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. One of its biggest consequences is social isolation, as a beneficial means… Read more

New technologies are making their way to nursing homes

geriatricarea clecevitam new technologies

Article by CleceVitam
The Spanish population over 65 years of age accounts for 17% of the total. It is estimated that in 2050, this percentage will exceed 30% and more than 4 million people will overcome the barrier of the eighties. In recent years, life expectancy has risen and there has been a change in the social model of the family … Read more

The predictive ability of remote care services,
Telemedicine and remote monitoring through big data

aging area teleasistencia tunstall

Article by Tunstall Spain
We’ve heard countless times that we live in a sea of ​​data, data that is desperately waiting for us to collect so that we can learn from it to improve the quality of life. Every action in our daily life is information that must be understood and interpreted. Thanks to the power of “data” he contributed among other things … Read more

Technology allows for endless applications in the field of health
and well-being of the elderly

Aging area Irisbond

Article by Eduardo Juregui, founder and CEO of Irisbond
Sociologically speaking, there is a tendency to believe that new technologies are being developed and are meant for young people, but there is nothing further from reality, as technology is becoming more important among the elderly. This is thanks to the extraordinary technological progress that… Read more

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New technologies as allies in health promotion
and well-being of the elderly

Aging area new techniques Colesi

Article by Laura Camps, Head of Integration Grupo Colisée
Technology is currently another element of our day. The past few years have been marked by a significant increase in the development of technological projects that have affected various areas of life, such as industrial, commercial, social and many others … Read more

Empowerment, cognitive development and quality of care:
Advanced technology in the elderly

elderly aging area technology

Article by Sanitas Mayors
The health crisis we have been through has forced us, as a society, to incorporate advanced technology into any aspect of our daily lives with unprecedented speed and in an almost compulsive manner. And in the case of the elderly in particular, this has contributed to reducing the known digital divide… Read more

If you were born in the Basque Country, you will die later,
And with technology you will add years less fragile أقل

The fragility of aging area technology

Article by Juan Carlos Santamaria, Director of Communications at Inithealth (Init Group)
If you were born in the Basque Country, you have a good chance of dying later than any other corner of Spain. Even the planet. With this news we had breakfast reading El Correo on December 29, 2020. The day after was April Fools’ Day, but the news was real… Read more

Laser in geriatrics

geriatric laser

Article by Marcos Villares, Board Member of the General Council of Official Colleges of Podiatricians (CGCOP)
The laser has generated great interest among podiatrists, especially for the treatment of onychomycosis (toenail fungus), although there are other applications in podiatry clinics. Mycorrhizal fungi is one of the greatest… Read more

sweet home and technology

Home automation technology in the elderly area

Article by Francisco Olavarria, Chief Commercial Officer at NeuroOn and Caring for People
New technologies such as home automation can help delay dreaded institutionalization and, better yet, satisfy the desires of older adults, to remain in the familiar environment, at home. Incarceration in recent years has accelerated pending cases… Read more

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Digital technologies: bridge the elderly to the rest of the generations

Digital technologies in the aging area

Article by Aeontab Mayors
It’s an increasingly common sight at family gatherings and unimaginable just a few years ago: seeing grandparents and grandchildren playing together, on a tablet or on a smartphone, or any downloadable app or game. This type of interaction is very different from the “commitment” visits that were carried out between family members and individuals… Read more

From the reed to the smart home:
How technology can help improve the lives of older people

Geriatrics and Technology

Article by Ruth Cusco, Managing Director of ASHO
Getting older is a part of life that we should not only accept but enjoy, and society is increasingly giving us more tools to make this period as comfortable as possible. For this, we have a great ally in technology. Since the beginning of time we have… Read more

Technology as a tool for cognitive stimulation in Alzheimer’s disease

Inflammation of senile cognitive stimulation Alzheimer's

Article by Joan Hernandez Varigola, Head of Memory Workshops at the ACE Alzheimer’s Center in Barcelona
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are all those technologies that participate and mediate the communication processes between human beings. In our daily life, we can find these technological devices: phone, computer, tablet, applications, GPS … Read more

Why is laboratory care necessary?

Geriatric care in Cuidalab laboratory area

Article by Esteban Gómez Suárez, President of the Official College of Nursing of Asturias (CODEPA)
Every day we hear about innovation and its importance to the progress of our society. We are amazed by the great technological advancements that aim to make our lives easier and better. Undoubtedly, scientific progress and knowledge and the digital world put us before us and from… Read more

The most humane side of technology

The aging area technique Valdelose Mayors

Article by Alfonso de Lucas David, Director of Technology and Innovation at Valdeluz Mayores (Grupo Arpada)
“Digital transformation” is perhaps one of the most current terms in our country, especially during this terrible pandemic that we have experienced in the past two years. With the arrival of European bailout funds, the machines of the major companies of … Read more

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Advanced TAD, Human TAD

Aging area TAD atenzia

Article by Atenzia, a company specializing in the social and health field المجال
Times are different, they have changed. The digital revolution has arrived to transform our daily activities into all areas and sectors, including the social and health care sector. We have a unique opportunity, but also an important challenge: the use of new tools … Read more

Virtual reality to improve the quality of life and well-being of residents

geriatricarea Obie virtual reality ballesol

Article by Aurora Garcia (functional therapist), Ivan Martinez (socio-cultural animator) and Andrea Hernández Hervás (psychologist) from Ballisol Principe de Vergara
The Obie Projector is a smart system that consists of a high-quality projector, motion sensors and a variety of games for the elderly. Handling the device is simple… Read more

Digitization of communication services and the revolution of proximity services خدمات

geriatricarea digitalizacion teleasistencia essence

Article by Antonio Palomino Alarcos, Commercial Director of the Essence Group in Spain and Portugal
We are immersed in the blackout of analog communication networks around the world. The operators decided to end traditional fixed-line telephony and the reality is that there are several arguments: cost savings, energy efficiency, improved service … Read more

Artificial intelligence applied in housing:
More efficient workflow, more comfortable users and better care

geriatricarea Inteligencia Artificial alcad

Article by Juan Alos, ALCAD Facility Business Unit Manager
User care in nursing homes has evolved a lot, and for the better, in recent years. The greater specialization of the social and health teams and the change in the business model of the housing itself, swings from the concept of “hospital” towards a more … Read more

Nutriactiva app favors nutritional recovery
and functional for the elderly

geriatricarea Nutriactiva application تطبيق

Article by Gonzalo Zarate, Danone Medical Director for Specialty Nutrition
The Nutriactiva App, created by Nutricia, allows healthcare professionals to recommend a comprehensive program to their patients, based on the most relevant nutritional therapy, as well as a series of physical exercises that promote proper nutritional, metabolic and functional recovery. The pandemic and lockdown have caused… Read more

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