New game for the 25th anniversary?

At the moment there is no official information, but the networks are angry at the return of the heroine.

We already know how some official video game accounts spend it, because they know that with simple content they can generate massive expectations in forums and social networks. Sometimes these games end up with users smoking; Others hide important ads. We still don’t know on which side the photo they just posted from the official account of The Tomb Raider saga.

Could it be evidence of the new Tomb Raider release?This year it is 25th Anniversary of the first installment of Tomb Raider. Looks like yesterday when Lara Croft Walked on ice against wolves at an unforgettable start to the game. The starting point for an epic saga and start to spun one of the most iconic characters in electronic entertainment history. right Now The official game account She posted a tweet wishing everyone a happy week, with a picture of Miss Croft looking like the original game and a rose in her hand.

Apparently, the photo says nothing. But as you can see, the responses to the content have sparked speculation about a possible announcement of a new video game that relies on the world of Tomb Raider to celebrate such an important date as the brand’s 25th anniversary. But, For now, there isn’t anything official about thatAnd this is a shot by Lara Croft that might mean nothing more than the admirers’ wishes.

Remember it was actually published in 2007 Memory of Tomb Raider, Exercise A remake of the original title: So the indicators don’t seem to point to a new version of the same game. The Saga, in 2013, I restart it with Tomb Raider, Which means changes in Lara Croft’s aesthetics and adventure development. Then it came The rise of Tomb Raider The triple ended with Shadow Tomb Raider In 2018.

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