New from Sonos for remote business surround sound management

Sonos, a maker of soundbars and soundbars, is now taking hardware a step further by launching its first software as a service (SaaS) by subscribing to companies called Sonos Pro, which will allow them to remotely manage audio reproduction for their various locations through a simple control panel. .

The company tells us that this is its new class of products that are also perfectly compatible with the companies’ existing Sonos devices to fill any space with immersive music, where in addition to commercial music streaming, it also supports custom support and other capabilities.

At the moment, this service is available in the US, although Sonos is already working on bringing this subscription service to international markets, so it will only be a matter of time before we can listen to music, deliver ads and advertise in public spaces in our cities. More with this new service.

To make business more attractive through surround sound

For Sonos, it doesn’t escape aspects such as the return of users to physical stores after the pandemic, as well as the investment that many companies are making with Sonos devices to attract potential customers.

For Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos:

We’ve seen incredible organic growth for Sonos in the retail space as companies invest in powerful customer engagement solutions, which presents a huge opportunity for us. Having tested various features on hundreds of job sites to better understand the business needs and intricacies of the audio business, we are proud to offer a simple solution that has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of this audience.

According to Audra Kinsley, Vice President and General Manager, Sonos Professional:

Sonos Pro is designed to make it easier for brands to enhance their vision and lifestyle through sound, with tools to curate content and create distinctive audio experiences that resonate with customers.

The simple yet effective alternative to complex vocal combinations

For this reason, Sonos Pro becomes an effective alternative, based on a panel on the web, to using complex classical acoustic installations to flood the building with surround sound that allows customers a level of comfort in which they can make your purchases.

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Businesses will be able to view and manage activity across all of their sites, set playlist schedules, manage admin permissions for trusted employees, and more.

With music and radio stations to choose from within the same service

Sonos Pro also includes Sonos Backgrounds, its own commercially licensed music service that offers a variety of tracks from independent artists, and even access to third-party streaming services like Mood Mix, Soundtrack Your Brand, or Rockbot.

In addition, companies will be able to experience the best sound quality in every location, as well as be able to customize and expand their facilities with new Sonos hardware products as they build their business.

Sonos Pro is offered under a subscription plan for $35 per month, per site.

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