New Battle Royale is located in the Wild West

In GRIT we can ride a horse or ride a moving train; The loot system is special, based on poker.

When we thought so in kind Battle royale Everything that was invented has arrived Fall guys To remind us that a formula can always be inverted. Now an indie studio Grit team It looks ready to bring fresh air to the genre of titles with the video game perseverance, a New Battle Royale For PC Located in the wild west, which you will bring together 100 cowboys who will fight for survival.

GRIT launched its website The first trailer So we can watch the video game in action. The game brings together 100 players (in single, duo, or multiplayer modes) in a city located in Wild West Where they will have to survive and reach the end alive. The game will allow us to move on a back horse It is included Get on a moving train So we can stay in the safe zone.

The game also benefits from setting. For example, even if we die we can We faced in a duel One against one with another player where we can save ourselves from the terrible score. very It differs in the loot: Will use a system Based on poker And its cards for rating equipment as well as promotions. If we have Weapons of the same suit, Our The strength will increase. We also see how, for example, if we had two hearts, we would heal faster.

According to the game’s designers, horse fighting is so enjoyable and refined is what gave them the assurance that they were Do something special. “I thought this was just no longer PUBG from the West. It feels like a very different game now, and it is funBob Berry, co-founder of the study, said. As for weapons, there will be a good variety and Hats will protect us from bulletsIt will be the key.

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GRIT, testing of the game is underway

GRIT Image

This weekend, GRIT is with The first gameplay tests With the players. You can go to GRIT Steam page and request access. Today is April 3, 2021 and tomorrow is April 4 There are still sessions going onThe study reported that though it could last longer. There will be beta versions later and the game is planning to launch it primavera en early access. Yes the title There is no free walk to play. If you like this wild west setting, Check out Evil West, too.

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