Neuquén created an innovation agency for development

The Neuquén Legislature passed a law creating the Agency for Innovation for Development. It was indicated in the regulation letter that it seeks to “strengthen the linkage and integration of science, technology and innovation with society in general, the sector and the state, Consolidation of the provincial system for science, technology and innovation”.

As of the implementation of this rule, the new agency will be the highest regional authority in science, technology and innovation, and will operate as an independent entity under the Ministry of Chief of Staff.

It will consist of a board of directors, a permanent executive secretariat and a council of experts. The Board of Directors consists of the heads of the Ministries of Production and Education, the Council for Planning and Development of Neuquen (commonly known as Copade), the National University of Kumahoe, the Neuquen Regional College of UTN and representatives from the private sector, with an innovative production profile; One of the national scientific institutions in the governorate and one of the civil society organizations.

In November 2020, the Governor of Neuquen signed an agreement with Fernando Pierano, in which the National Agency for Research and Development provided him with technical assistance to implement the creation of the Innovation Agency.

Copade’s Secretary, Pablo Gutierrez Colantono, told RIO NEGRO that it will work to “shape a real system” and with this “knowledge, technology and innovation are activated and transformed into hubs and accelerators of economic, social and productive processes”.

In addition, the official indicated that the agency would be a link space, for example, with the Ministry of Science and Technology, with the agency at the national and international levels. Detailed work with innovation agencies in Uruguay and Colombia, among other countries, is also planned.

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Once the rule is issued, the regulation will be issued. “It is already being worked on. The executive secretariat is one of the first things to be organized. Gutierrez Colantono explained about when it will be operational.

“The knowledge economy promotes knowledge as an added value to production. The agency will be a key player in that bridge between knowledge and production,” emphasized Gutierrez Colantono.

Regarding the planned budget, the official said that the law stipulates that the agency has priority in using up to 30% of the funds from the usual annual quota that the county has in the Federal Council for Investment (CFI) for advice and technical assistance. .

The articles of the law also indicate that the resources will consist of the items stipulated in the general budget of the regional administration, from unimplemented funds, loans and subsidies, private sector contributions intended to achieve the purposes and objectives of the agency, agreements or agreements with national and international organizations, and resources from performing work or providing services To third parties, fees collected from them, and finally from inheritances, donations and inheritance.

The agency will have several priority areas. One of them would be to promote the economy of production through the knowledge economy. Another priority is the contribution of innovation to solving different problems or requirements required by the new reality.

He pointed out that “economic, productive and industrial processes need this innovative added value to be more competitive and to achieve new jobs and new jobs in the future.” The transfer of science, technology and innovation “in the energy transition, for example, in the entire network of small and medium-sized enterprises” will also be worked on. He added that another important aspect is the transfer of knowledge to solve various social requirements and problems. All this with a strong regional anchor, through a network.

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“It is something superior. The creation of the agency indicates that the subject has matured in Neuquen province, but at the same time a paradigm shift is needed for the times to come, in which the knowledge economy will be a major focus.” “The agency would be a great tool.It should not be considered a static idea but as a public institution that will evolve according to reality. The wider the range of those who decide in the agency, the greater and better its profits. That is why the number of seats to be included covers the entire scientific-technological arc of the province, public and private, productive economic, social, scientific territorial.

Although the rule will provide a wealth of initiatives, it does not predetermine all the actions of the agency, “because in those seats, where everyone will be represented, especially from the expert committee, the main lines of action of the agency will come out, which in turn will work in coordination with the national agency” .

The new space could be a “very important engine for building new strategic alliances”. There is research being conducted in both the public sphere and the private sector, for SMEs and the social sector. Grounds and lines for research calls will be created.

Upon learning of the creation of the agency, Neuquén Governor Omar Gutierrez said, “I would like to thank the Neuquén Legislature for enacting Act No. 3330, which represents a before and after in the development of greater social justice, equal opportunity within the framework of what today in Neuquén is considered a pioneer in the economy of knowledge, green economy, innovation, science and technology, and in a qualitative and quantitative leap in the development of Neuquén County”.

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“A major step in federal development”

“The creation of the Agency for Innovation in the province of Neuquén is good news. It will be important for the federal development of Argentina”, Economist Fernando Pierano, who heads the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation, commented when asked by black river.

In November 2020, Peirano and the Governor of Neuquén signed a cooperation agreement to create and start operating the Regional Innovation Agency. Since then, the county has received technical assistance, training and courses on various topics, such as managing funds for subsidies, project monitoring and co-investment models.

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