Neuquén and IAPG Houston Will Collaborate for Vaca Muerta and Energy Transition

conservative Omar Gutierrez head Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas Houston (IAPG Houston)And Andres Weisfieldon a Memorandum of Understanding that reflects the parties’ intent to work together to explore and enhance avenues of mutually beneficial cooperation between that organization, which is located in Texas, and Neuquen County.

In addition, Gutierrez mentioned in his letter the laboratories that are being developed in the province within the framework of “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. In this context, he stressed that “Just as we signed an agreement with Alberta (Canada), I am very pleased that today is a historic day for Neuquén with the signing of this agreement that strengthens us.”

Through the signed memorandum, Neuquén and IAPG Houston said they will create a space for dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience regarding best practices in hydrocarbon exploitation across the entire value chain. In particular, regarding initiatives, trends and best practices associated with the energy transition.

IAPG Houston’s mission is to promote the exchange of scientific, technological, business, and regulatory knowledge relevant to the energy sector between the business communities of Argentina and Texas. It is a strategic partner for the development of Vaca Muerta.

Among other topics, they will promote in the City of Houston the business opportunities that Neuquén offers in the energy field through events, forums and work seminars organized by IAPG Houston, as well as actions in scientific, technological and innovative matters, defining alliances between the Neuquén Agency for Development and Innovation and the public and private institutions of the system Houston’s Innovative Environment in order to encourage the transfer of knowledge and technologies to the hydrocarbon complex in general, and to SMEs in particular.

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“Neuquén has developmental DNA and I have come to thank you because at the worst moment none of you have given up on your convictions, and when all our facts were hypothetical, I kept digging; thank you very much and congratulations, there is more to do”Gutierrez told entrepreneurs who had investments in Vaca Muerta during IAPG Houston’s activity.

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