Netflix’s new premiere turns Rocío Montoya’s flamenco into graphics

The technology of Oxford Studio specializing in motion capture technology has turned into cartoon Belora dance Rossio Montoya, a skill that can be seen from Friday at the premiere of “Riverdance”, a Netflix kids movie with a clear reference to flamenco.

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Rossio Montoya (Granada, 1981) is the only Spanish company in the company River Dance Responsible for maintaining a music show after two decades of success based on Irish dance, but that also adds up Russian folklore, tap dance and flamenco.

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This music inspires Riverdance: The Animated Adventure, which is production Netflix which will be released internationally on Friday which has led to a change of pace and compliments Flamenco dancer from Granada In the movement of some of its heroes.

“I’ve seen pieces so far and can’t help but say it works magic, I felt a great reflection I think so Everyone who knows me in my way of dancing will see me the two in Benny -Deer- Like the word moya,” he explains to EFE Montoya.

propose to be Flamenco is part of the animation project Came to him because one of my promoters Music It’s also from that movie, “Luck and Trial.”

Montoya He began his training at the Maricho School in the densely populated Zaidan neighborhood of Granada (southern Spain) and before working with references such as Raffaella Carrasco the Mario Maya He ended his career Spanish dance At the Conservatory.

‘to teach’ to move Benny, a deer dancing flamenco In the movie, Montoya wore something like a jumpsuit with sensors and I danced to immortalize every step In a kind of skeleton.

“And it was heavily reflected, especially in the joints. is that I turned into a deer and a moya‘,” adds the artist, who has been enjoying a newly arrived vacation in Granada since her time at the World Fair in Dubai and before she went to Argentina.

‘Production is also A chance for flamenco and for It reminds us that it is a universal art, So much so that even an Irish movie wink at him, and he did it well,” said the Granada-born woman, who claims more proud of this art It is presented to be the lifeblood of any future production.

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure It is a British production directed by Eamonn Butler and David Rosenbaum, who also signed the script for this animation.

Next version of Netflix Tells a story about keganAn Irish boy traveling by his side moyaSpanish girl, to the legendary world Megaloceros gigantius, flock Magical deer that teaches them to dance.

Together with the movement made Rossio Montoya, Netflix adds actors Pierce BrosnanAnd Sam Hardy s Hannah Hermann Curtis, responsible for giving voice to the plot.

*With information from EFE.

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