Netflix: You only have the first week of JUNE to watch these classic movies before they are removed

Ago entertainment Prioritizing without leaving home due to the epidemic, people have frequently turned to streaming platforms to consume content from Quality.

Let’s remember that Netflix has made it clear on more than one occasion that they are a company they love invent Breaking stereotypes, she has presented dozens of productions that address issues that can become controversial, such as feminism, disability visibility, and support for the LGBT+ community, as well as series and films depicting the social problem. Reporter for racism and classic.

Netflix is ​​constantly updating its catalog

In this sense, it is known that Netflix It reigns supreme as the preferred streaming platform thanks to its diverse content, which is why month after month, the Los Gatos-based platform is known for its popularity. California Updated its catalog and June will not be the exception.

Under this scenario who news of seriesMovies, documentaries, short films, anime and productions of all kinds join the Red Logo Company month after month; Now we tell you what it is Movies Which deposits playlists on Netflix to make way for new bets in the first week of June.

Classic movies leaving Netflix in the first week of June

Men in black It’s a huge movie Hollywood It corresponds to the genre of science fiction and was released in 1997, establishing itself as a classic within the cinema.

This production starred American actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who are part of the secret organization of Government From the United States it is called Men In Black.

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Jumanji: In the woods It is the new version of one Movies One of the most emblematic adventures of the ’90s, and despite being a classic, this movie will now be pulled from the catalog. Netflix.

This movie directed by Jake Kasdan and released in 2017, deals with the mysterious and deadly game Jumanji It reappears more than twenty years later, in the middle technology The dangerous game is presented through a video game that acts as a portal through time.

Guided by their curiosity will be four young men Absorbs Through the world of Jumanji, a game that cannot be given up until the game is over, regardless of the fact that they may lose their lives in the middle of it. take off.

Announcing this Famous The production will be removed from the streaming platform, as it is a successful romantic comedy which is Friends with production rights directed by Evan Reitman.

This production follows the life of Adam and whateverwho meet as teens during summer camp and suddenly start feeling each other, life It separates them until they reach the age of majority.

One night, Adam discovered that his father was an actor named after him two thousandHe is in a relationship with one of his ex-girlfriends, so he decides to call all his girlfriends ex girlfriends and friends and tries to find out who he is, but ends up sleeping on the couch with Emma, ​​and eventually starts to have real feelings for her. Friend And it creates a series of complications in your free relationship.

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