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Today see yes! It’s like eating a giant ice cream: One can die of joy or suffer the consequences of excess glucose.

The new Net-flix movie, which will be featured on Colombia’s most watched movie throne, is actually a comedy full of contradictions: sugary as hell, wrapped in the story of those that can be enjoyed with the brain in an automatic experimental system.

The plot focuses on The life of a married couple who transformed from enjoying life to the fullest to becoming parents And start a new dynamic where there is no room for fun or risk with your children. So they decide to change things drastically and show their ability to be open to new adventures, on a journey in which they will not refuse to face the challenges their children pose.

Jennifer Garner, who is remembered for being a hero before the Marvel superhero rush in Elektra and flirting with revenge action films in Kill or Die, here becomes a loving but tough mom who always seems to be the bad journey; Along with Edgar Ramirez – who also wanted to give a break from a career full of nuances (Carlos, American Crime Story: Gianni Versace) or suspense-related (undone) – to enter into the role of an indulgent and slightly silly father that has to contend with three intense kids.

Story that Narrated adventures A little bit of poetry, with jokes paired perfectly with the most damaging family comedy that sometimes remembers a production style like Cheaper by a Dozen or the Holidays.

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But what is the success of this movie platform? The answer is yes today! It does not fool anyone into proving that it is a production of relaxation.

She also tries, despite the divisions in her text, to explore deeper issues related to the fears and struggles that parents experience as their children begin to grow.

The Family Honors movement takes place between balloon fights full of instant juice, a mom obsessed with proving she’s not the bad guy, and the kids are so adorable and rebellious that they’re pushing parents at Peter Pan’s compound to the extreme.

It’s true his humor is basic and predictable, but he’s in control of it well, and perhaps the interesting thing is that he doesn’t fall entirely into the joke of physical or bad taste.

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It really makes use of the phrase ‘Suitable for all audiences‘, Thanks to Puerto Rican director Miguel Arteta, infamous for Alexander and Terrible Day, Terrible, Not Good, So Bad who seemed to jump into a slightly higher comic style in series like Sucession or Room 104, he even remembered the thing he does is sugary comedy Like a giant ice cream that invites you to devour it quickly.

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