Netflix will premiere in May Ricky Gervais: Supernature, the irreverent comedian’s new monologue

The most humourous returns to Netflix by Ricky Gervais this May with Supernature, inspired by his latest tour.

Ricky Gervais He is one of those comedians of race who is able to take you off the stage without any mercy. You, almost anything.

Gervais’ name came to light recently after the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident at the Oscars, with many people questioning the limits of humor for the speakers.

Of course, Ricky Gervais is also known for his hand in comedy. He starred in the original version of office. headquarters. centerBritish, resulting in a North American adaptation and six more.

He also recently finished his series hereafter at NetflixWhere he will return specifically in May with one of his new monologues.

it’s about Ricky Gervais: Super!Which will be the comedian’s second monologue on Netflix after him Ricky Gervais: Humanityin 2018.

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in the supernatural, Gervais shares his views on ‘The Rules of Comedy’.. The clip we can see on Netflix (if we look for the monologue) shows the comedian using irony, an essential resource in comics.

Take as an exampleComedian women who can be super funny, like, um… The monologue will also deal with “cuddly cats and supernatural mother nature”.

This is the special part that collects his last round. Gervais Supernature started in 2020, but had to suspend the tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, the comedian was able to resume his remaining performances and shoot this special.

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It will be May 24th when Ricky Gervais: Supernature lands on Netflix Let’s have a good time laughing with the irreverent humor of a comedian who’s shown multiple times that he doesn’t have a filter.

At the moment, Netflix Spain has not confirmed that the monologue will arrive in our country on the same day as in the US. Most likely, yes, considering it’s not Spanish-dubbed content.

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