Netflix will only launch a free plan that includes ads in some countries

Netflix may be finalizing a new subscription plan. And this is how you advance it Bloomberg, although this needs to be confirmed by the company itself. According to the Experts Consulting Company. It will consist of a free template The consumer must agree to see platform content with ads.

This is not a completely new initiative. Some time ago, he tried something similar in Kenya, where this project was limited to mobile devices. All of them are from Android. But that proposal expired last year.

However, the content platform in flow The possibility of relaunching this potential subscription offer is being considered. It will not do so in all of its marketsOnly in European countries and some in Asia.

Canada and the United States, according to Bloomberg This was stated by sources close to the company: They would be completely off the plan.

The reasons why Netflix's business leadership is exploring the possibility of offering this product are varied. On the one hand, unlike what happens in the United States, In both Asian and European markets He says that consuming free products in exchange for user engagement with ads is becoming more common. Bloomberg.

Likewise, in North America, the company is successfully reaching its potential audience, without having to offer a free plan. In Europe and Asia, not so much.

In any case, Netflix has not confirmed this information. It is not known, if this proposal is implemented, in which specific countries it will be implemented and when.

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