Netflix will co-rank UK productions

Netflix had an alliance with barb, It is an organization that measures TV ratings in United kingdom, To participate in evaluation One of his most famous series and movies.

This union will start in November, so reports beard They will start appearing publicly from the second week of the month.

Netflix unlocks its stats

Netflix It already ranks shows in the top ten most watched and occasionally publishes hourly viewing data for its most popular titles, but the exact number of people who watch each series or movie remains a mystery.

It’s the first time the streaming service has worked publicly with another company. Previously, their programs also appeared in the Nielsen rating lists, but they do not officially work.

beard View numbers will be posted Netflix It can be compared with traditional stations from the second week of November. The organization will communicate the monthly reach of the service and share it in the defined aggregate visualization.

In addition to showing service performance compared to traditional TV, beard It will also include shows on all the traditional channels and streaming service providers he’s working with in his weekly Top 50 Show.

Better visualization

as pointed out guardianThis movement indicates that Netflix He believes that being more upfront with his viewership numbers will show the company in a good light. People have long criticized the service for not posting any flop view metrics and only their results.

According to the prime numbers of beard from september to Netflix Nothing is going wrong with him United kingdom. It is the most used streaming service in the region. And while not as widely watched as the BBC, it accounts for 8% of all TV viewing in the UK.

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