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Within a catalog Netflix It has been highlighted recently South Korean production Which captivates viewers around the world: Atypical family (Atypical family). This series, which has already established itself in Top ten of the podiumpromises to captivate you from the first episode with its unique blend of drama, fantasy, and contemporary issues.

The story revolves around Bok Gwi Joo and his family, who were once incredibly popular Supernatural powers. However, these gifts begin to fade due to… Pressures And modern problems such as depressionthe Eating disorders And the insomnia. Everything changes with the arrival of Do Da-hae, played by the talented Chun Woo-hee, a mysterious woman who could be the key to regaining what was lost.

Directed by Jo Hyun Tak, known for his work in… Snow dropand written by Jo Hwa Mi, creator WelcomeThis series of 12 episodes, each approximately 69 minutes long, immerses us in a world of excitement a novel Which collects Great with deep human.

In addition to its interesting premise, the series is notable for its ability to reflect family dynamics and individual conflicts. Jo Hwa Mi, screenwriter, notes: “Writing about how the Bok family members deal with their problems allowed me to explore different aspects of human resilience and supporting each other through difficult times.“.

What problems does it treat?

Jo Hyun Tak explained this Atypical family It aims to show how current problems can have such a profound impact that they may seem supernatural. “Depression and stress are serious issues that open the door for exploration in drama. We wanted to show how these problems can take away people's abilities, even if those abilities are imaginary like superpowers.“, comments the director.

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This series will not only keep you on the edge of your seat with its narrative, but will also make you think about modern challenges and how they impact our daily lives.

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