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Netflix It has established itself as one of the best streaming entertainment platforms it hosts Series and movies They don’t all have them, betting every time on content that piques the curiosity of their users, especially if it’s topics that aren’t exactly out of this world, as docuserie did. “UFOs: Declassification of Top Secret Projects”, Based on disclosed secret documents and various testimonies.

the last August 3, llA documentary series that we do not think will reach this point, insisting on continuing to hide facts and secrets that are already obvious in the eyes of the world and that it is undeniable that beings from another planet visit us, and are sent to the platform. .

Unidentified Flying Objects: Top-secret projects have been declassified. Photo: @ CommentingNetf1

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Although the arrival of new platforms such as HBO Max, Paramount Plus, and Amazon Prime Video, the popular children’s platform Disney PlusThere is no content that beats its competition to Crimson “N”, because this type of series among others feeds users by stealing the attention of other sites that do not have this type of topic in their catalog.

Unidentified flying object sightings were made. Photo: Special /IGN

Best Netflix Docuseries About Unidentified Flying Objects

The mystery of UFOs has been around for so long in the last century that many witnesses had, as it were, a “fortune” to see a UFO in the sky, very close to Earth, or the force pilots themselves. Aircraft from the USA have detected unidentified flying objects on their radar.

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Jan Stehlík’s workUnidentified Flying Objects: Top Secret Projects Declassified With a duration of approximately 45 minutes in each of the six seasons that this series includes, it provides information and evidence from the latest revealing more secret US government projects that deal with contacts and concealment of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and yes, it might sound like a movie “Men in Black” is another, but it is not.

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It should be noted that these sayings and testimonies of meetings Aliens It has been dismissed for so long that the existence of these UFOs from another planet is not a possibility, but a fact; Certainty that they exist.

Here’s the trailer for this documentary series, which you’ll definitely want to see on Netflix, Do You Believe in UFOs?

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