Netflix: The most emotional movie to watch on September 5th; It will make you think about your relationship with your parents

In recent weeks, the streaming giant has brought new content to its platform ranging from series to award-winning movies. Academy Awards from the Academy.

In this sense, the new month of September brings with it new productions and movie series for thousands of subscribers to the platform, young and old who expect, every week and month, different types of Contents.

Despite the competition, Netflix remains one of the most sought after platforms globally, mainly because it is committed to the best launches in the world. Globalism MovieFrom the latest premieres to the classics of seventh art.

New content on Netflix

but also a lot production Few of the celebrities, especially movies, have become the most watched by moviegoers, who are constantly looking for new proposals in a program.

One of these new gadgets from giant flow It is he who displays, on a daily basis, to users the 10 most viewed audiovisual productions on the platform, placing them in a list within The main facade.

For this reason, we have selected a bar that you can enjoy this weekend with your loved ones, who have also placed themselves during the last days in Top 10.

What is the theme of “Don’t Leave Trance”?

It’s about the tape “Leave no rapture”, Directed by Debra Granic and Written by Granic and Anne Rossellini, based on the book My Abandonment, by Peter Rock, which premiered in 2018, and is now hosted on the streaming platform, Netflix.

American movie gender drama, currently in the independent and book-based categories within Netflix.

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“Leave no rapture”follow the story will, character played before Ben Foster, man vetenaru He suffers from PTSD and his daughter Tom, a character played by Thomasin Mackenzie, who lives in the woods on a nature reserve in Oregon without anyone knowing and also without contact with the world the outside And modern.

A tape that generates strong feelings

However, the story completely changes after that commit Error when leaving a clue to the authorities, putting them at risk because they might find them Presence.

This movie was first shown in 2018 Sundance Film Festivaland later released in US theaters on June 29, 2018; Now it’s on Netflix, which you can enjoy with your loved ones Dear This Sunday.

sharing bliss Date It consists of Ben Foster as Will, Tom’s father, Thomasin Mackenzie as Tom, Will’s daughter, Jeff Cooper as Mr. Walters, who owns a farm, Dale Dickey as Dale, an RV camp leader, Dana Millikan as Jan Bauer, a social worker and Alyssa Lane as Valerie.

Here is the tape trailer

In connection with the production of this tape, principal photography took place in PortlandAnd Oregon in 2017; For the main scenes of this Netflix-hosted movie, Eagle Fern Park in Clackamas County was used as your location.

Here we present the trailer for the movie that will affect you because it will make you you reflect Especially what you would do to someone you love, especially for your children or for you parents.

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