Netflix obtains the rights to WWII movie “Operation Mincemeat” starring Colin Firth

Netflix acquired the rights to North America and Latin America for the upcoming WWII movie earlier this month. Minced meat process. Who pays final date. The actual film, starring Colin Firth and Kelly MacDonald, is a successful producer. King’s speech.

Netflix managed to obtain the exclusive broadcast rights for the movie in early March. Minced meat process In the United States and Latin America. Who is leaving the American entertainment site? final date I know, I know, the live streaming service reportedly paid $ 15 million for the John Madden movie, based on an actual WWII operation. In the film, we follow two British intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu and Charles Scholmondel, who launched an operation in 1943 to present disinformation to the Germans. A deceased man was randomly given a new identity and his body was deposited with the Germans in a suitcase filled with fake invasion plans. The plan became one of the most successful and daring hoaxes of World War II.

Minced meat process

Evolution to surgery Minced meat It has since been completed and the title has already been sold to Warner Bros. in Europe. international. In countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Benelux, the film will continue to be shown by this party. However, it is possible that Netflix will eventually license the title to make it available anywhere in the world as well.

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It’s been ten years since Colin Firth and See-Saw’s production group joined forces to produce a movie. The latter happened in 2010 with the four Oscar-winning films. King’s speech Also based on a true story. The eye-catching “Operation Minced Meat” that inspired the new Madden movie was filmed The man who was not In 1956.

when Minced meat process Its availability to the general public is unknown. Below you can see some general photos.

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