Netflix launches Together for Our Planet, its ‘Environmental’ group

In this regard, Stewart, who oversees the company’s work to decarbonize the company’s operations and production, highlights that children are currently part of the generations that are more educated about environmental issues and the importance of species, therefore, through these contents they can continue to educate them on these topics .

On the other hand, he details that the purpose of highlighting these products through a group is to bring together different perspectives on the climate crisis as a prelude to the talks to be held in Glasgow.

This is how an organization is formed together for our planet

With this catalog, users will be able to view titles that describe the systems that support life on Earth, such as Our planet the science of climate change, The science behind climate change, like Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet, or local stories that present the realities of the world, such as green border.

In addition, the products also aim to show hopeful ideas to be more responsible in daily life, such as Simplicity: less is more, While Izzy and the Koala And penguin colony They go on adventures for the whole family.

It is worth noting that the interest in sustainability stories on the platform is great among users, as the company’s figures show that during 2020, 160 million households watched this type of narration.

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