Netflix is ​​close to releasing a movie about Diana Nyad, who swam across the Florida Strait in 2013

Photo: From Diana Nyad’s personal Facebook page.

Netflix is ​​about to end production on Diana Nyadthe New York-born long-distance swimmer who ten years ago became the first person to swim the distance from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

It still doesn’t have exact premiere dates for the movie, though they do confirm it from Netflix Oncuba Which is expected to happen in 2023.

Photo: NG.

The company commissioned explorers National Geographic (NG) Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarheli directed the film, which stars Annette Bening as a swimmer, and Jodie Foster as a journalist’s girlfriend.

The directors were responsible for the documentary Solo freewhich in 2018 won the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary Feature by covering the achievement of climber Alex Honnold, who climbed without any assistance the nearly 900-meter-high vertical rock formation, “El Capitan”, located in Yosemite National Park (Mariposa County, USA). United States of America).

“never give up”

Diana Neadel’s story spread around the world when, in 2013, she swam across a Florida fjord. He was 64 years old, and his advice was: “Never give up” when he came ashore in Key West.

It was September 2, 2013, and Nyad had spent nearly 53 hours in the water since leaving club Náutico Internacional Hemingway, west of Havana. No one swam between these two points without a protective shark cage.

But to achieve this, the swimmer battled strong winds in a physical effort that tested her ability, to the point of causing her to vomit several times after swallowing too much water, according to a report published in the magazine this week. NG.

Medics guarding Nyad in support boats on the day she was recorded reported that her tongue and lips were so swollen that her voice had become soft.

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Photo: From Diana Nyad’s personal Facebook page.

Even near Key West, a large jellyfish appeared on the trail. To prevent her from suffering from a debilitating bite, several divers swam in front of the athlete.

“What Diana has shown us over the years is that she is an exceptional endurance swimmer. He has the mental strength and discipline, perhaps the mental strength and discipline that no one younger has,” the sports cardiologist told NG. Benjamin Levinewho is director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, a research collaboration between UT Southwestern Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

In addition to “adventure”

It took Nyad five attempts in thirty years to overcome the 177 kilometers separating Cuba and Florida.

His first attempt was in 1978, when he was 28 years old. It was the only time he was inside the shark’s cage, though he also gave up due to bad weather after 42 hours. Other attempts were in August and September 2011.

Nayad completes his dream

Her last high seas swimming record, for both men and women, was in 1979, when she swam 165 kilometers between Bimini, Bahamas, and Key West, Florida—a journey about the same distance as Cuba and Florida. , but it was considered much less risky France Press agency.

El-Sabbah, who grew up in Miami surrounded by Cuban immigrants and heard about the island, said before leaving that she sought through her adventure also to bring Cuba and the United States closer together, two countries separated for political reasons for half a year. A century that was then to take a turn in their relationship, spoiled soon after.

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