Netflix is ​​17 times more popular than Apple TV+ in the US in a global study of third-party apps on the App Store

Apple has highlighted a report About third-party apps on the App Store, highlighting their regional and global success. It’s a study with The company wants to defend itself against accusations of monopoly and obstruction of innovation in its ecosystem. The main idea highlighted is that in the categories in which Apple participates, there are often superior and more popular alternatives than other companies.

Cupertino echoed this burgeoning study of demands to install apps from outside the App Store, EU request From having interoperable messaging apps and links appearing in external purchases in iOS 15.5 beta. A clear effort to give more context to a very complex topic.

3rd party apps are very popular with huge audience

Annalis Group is a consulting firm founded in 1981 that operates in North America. They received support for this study from Apple, though they cautioned that “the conclusions and opinions expressed belong exclusively to its authors”, Juliette Caminade, Marcus von Wartburg, Both hold a PhD in economics. It follows that Apple gave them access to the data for the study, from which their conclusions can be drawn.

There are very profitable categories, such as games, that Apple does not even participate in

The study is divided into three sections, the first view of which to the user is the breadth of its scope. I know here Highlights the proliferation of digital distribution storesNot only the App Store or Google Play Store, but also e-book readers, game consoles, smart TVs, speakers, connected watches, and other platforms. This is useful for developers, as it increases the number of places to distribute their creations.

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Distribution of listening time by device worldwide.

Thus, listening to music has a completely different distribution than we think. hear the time Worldwide, it is mainly divided between radio, smartphone, computer, stereo equipment and connected speakers.


Developers working on each platform.

And for video games, the distribution of developers creating different platforms is amazing. iOS plays an important role and ranks secondHowever, the computer remains at the top with nearly twice as many developers. The sum of the percentages does not reach 100% because the same developer can be on several platforms at the same time.


Estimated trading volume in the App Store ecosystem.

Chapter Two details the App Store economic impact analysis. Don’t just focus on billsBut at the level of the ecosystem. The report classifies the apps in this regard as “iPhone Experience Extenders”.

Third-party apps, before Apple

Studying the analysis set points to one of the most interesting aspects of the ecosystem. It’s all about the popularity of third-party apps, compared to Apple’s own apps. It does so all over the world as well as in some geographical regions.


In this table we have five main categories of applications, divided into 8 countries or regions: USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and South Korea. And so, in almost all areas that we see How is there a great alternative to a third party for each category. For example, Spotify dominates in many Western countries, with local countries such as Melon in Korea to stream music apps.

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Contrary to popular belief, having stock apps does not give Apple an insurmountable advantage in all app categories.

Even more surprising is the difference in the video streaming app category, with Netflix and Amazon having a large presence. In the US, Netflix is ​​17 times more popular than Apple TV +. And in the UK, Netflix is ​​1,291 times more popular than Apple TV+. in maps, Google dominates in many areas, although it has a smaller advantage than expected: 1.5 and 1.9 times in the US and France, respectively. It is important to note that application use is often not exclusive. The same user can use several applications in different situations.

Walmart, Amazon, and ... Apple.  Its stores, website and App Store make it the 3rd largest retailer in the world

This report is very interesting to read in full, as it contains nuances and adds More colors for ecosystem conversationsWhere not everything is black and white. What’s more, when the European Union just presented guidance on World Food Day well-intentioned despite having unanticipated impacts on digital ecosystems.

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