Netflix implemented its new no-password-sharing model in the US, and subscriptions increased

We’ve talked a lot about Netflix’s tactics to stop us from sharing passwords on our accounts. And it is that Chile was one of the first countries in which this new model was tested before it went global.

It turns out that this year the new model was introduced in the United States on May 23, and according to for the antennaAnd Subscriptions to the Service flow The most famous in the world, instead of going down, they went up, as we can see in the photo.

In fact, in the first 6 days after the model was implemented, Netflix managed to have the best 4 days in history since the measurement existed. This is a 102% increase in subscriptions compared to the previous 60-day average for Netflix. The study also claims that Netflix also added 100,000 subscribers on May 26 and 27.

Those numbers are only comparable to when COVID restrictions kicked in in 2020. That was very good for Netflix, as the company itself said that subscribers in Canada are already growing faster than in the United States.

Thus, the new model appears to be successful. In this way, Netflix will continue to expand the anti-password sharing model to more countries, as we have to pay for an additional member to continue watching content.

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