Netflix imitates TikTok; The quick laugh comes to the gigantic flow

The Tik Tok Obsession also arrives Netflix. Obviously, a giant flow Not social network; This is simply due to the fact that it is a content-consuming platform where there is no possibility to interact or upload content. So what’s the new feature? his name is He laughs quickly The real goal is to try to show off some of his comedic content.

It is currently tested, as it only accesses iOS devices. In any case, the subscribers’ post will display comic videos of programs on the platform; These will be moved one by one.

Netflix and TikTok-style play

The function is intended for smartphones, in this case for smartphones Iphone. Copying will be vertical-exclusive, just like the contents in Tik Tok.

Netflix Plan your selection 100 clips a day To try to promote content that isn’t watched often, but the most popular will be present as well.

For now, the version for Male in appearance It’s only in the US, while Canada and Australia have subscribers who are able to test everything.

The strange part is that Netflix We have thought about these features that are targeted at our subscribers only; It’s a free offering that is able to incentivize sales for those who might be considering leaving the platform.



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