Netflix: Horror Movie We Won’t Let You Sleep Because of Its Tragic End

For fans of suspense and horror, Netflix continues to add great stories to its catalog of content. A few weeks ago, The Ancient Ways was added to the streaming giant’s video library with great success. Now it’s the director’s turn Jordan Bell (get out) fool we.

The haunting movie starring an Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, boasts an enviable Rotten Tomatoes rating thanks to an approval rating of 93% from professional critics.

As with Get out, we separate what might be considered conventional terrorism to give us a real suggestion that plays with psychology; That is, Peele uses the viewer’s perception to generate moments of discomfort from the very first moment.

What are we?

Not far from sunny Santa Cruz Beach where she had a traumatic childhood experience, Adelaide now reluctantly returns to her peaceful lake home with her husband, Gabe, for a summer vacation.

However, after all this time, she still couldn’t shake the ominous feeling that a terrifying encounter with a stranger from the past would somehow return to haunt her and her unsuspecting family as well.

Indeed, before the day ends, happy vacationers will see that their worst fears come true, as an evil quartet, bearing a grim resemblance to them, stands by their door.

American official poster. Photo: Universal Pictures

When does it premiere on Netflix?

We have a scheduled Netflix arrival for Friday September 10.

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