Netflix has announced that it will cancel the functionality that charges additional account sharing fees

The company will discontinue its commitment to “add a home,” which represents a cost of 219 pesos plus taxes. However, expect something similar to be implemented in 2023.

Netflix Announced that as of Wednesday Feature that asks to “add a house” for an additional amount For subscribers who want to share their account with friends or family, after many reviews from users and influencers.

However, the company stated that Next year, a similar new function will be implemented which has been in operation since March in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica, which addresses the issue of joint accounts but in a simpler way for the user.

“After listening to consumer feedback, we have decided to turn off the Add Home features in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic,” Additional charge 219 pesos plus taxes For each additional home or “house”.

They added, “Instead, we will focus on making it easier for people who share an account to transfer their profiles when they start their own membership, and for all members to easily manage their devices and create sub-accounts (“Additional Member”), if they want to pay family or friends. These features will start To be available in early 2023.”

Netflix has announced that it will remove the Extra House feature. Photo: AP/Gene J. Puskar)

Strictly speaking, ‘Additional member’ is not a very different function from ‘Add home’”, although the broadcasting giant has found that its features have been widely accepted in the regions it has been tested in. The specification that makes it easier to use is that it allows you to create a sub-account with a standalone profile, with single user access, a password and personal recommendations.

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At the moment, the date on which the new function will start ruling has not been announced. Until then, those subscribers from Argentina and other countries who paid for an “extra house” He will stop paying the extra cost to share the account.

The change in Netflix’s historical position on the issue aims to regain its lead at a time of fierce competition and clear signs of slowing subscriber growth in the sector.

For this reason, among other measures, it is aimed at charging users who have viewed the platform so far with the password of an acquaintance. Last April, the amount of that target audience was shown in graph, when it was reported that of the more than 220 million families paying for Netflix, the service was shared with more than 100 million additional families.

In other words, one in three homes that watch Netflix series and movies don’t pay for the service.

One in three homes that watch Netflix series and movies don't pay for the service.  Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake.
One in three homes that watch Netflix series and movies don’t pay for the service. Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake.

Another related measure is the incorporation of a cheaper plan with advertising, which will be implemented with support from Microsoft from November 3 in the US and is worth about $7, although this is not currently under consideration for Argentina.

“We appreciate the interest in the Basic plan with ads. We are launching it in 12 countries and it will not be available in Argentina. As we learn and improve the Basic plan with ads, we will decide whether to launch it in more countries. Consumers in Argentina can choose from the three plans we have available ‘, the company responded to an inquiry from blame.

Netflix numbers: users and group

Meanwhile, the California company also released its new subscriber numbers this afternoon, after during the first half of the year – and for the first time in its existence – Lose more than a million net customers.

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Despite the historical decline, Netflix announced that during the third quarter of 2022 it added nearly two and a half million new users to its service, and Reached a total of more than 223 millionwith an additional four and a half million expected for the last three months of the year.

According to information published in international newspapers, the region that recorded the best numbers in this period was the Asia Pacific region, which amounted to 1.4 million, followed by the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (the English abbreviation for Europe, the Middle East and Africa). 570 thousand subscribers. For its part, Latin America listed 310,000 customers, and in last place was the United States and Canada, with 100,000 new users.

The clear reversal of the curve was also reflected in the platform’s earnings, which account for nearly $8 billion in its collections An increase of about 6 points in her income year on year.

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