Netflix ghetto and optimization

Theme Improvement Complex. On the one hand, it is capable of creating jobs in previously disadvantaged areas, but on the other hand, these same jobs can be fraught with risks. As if that wasn’t enough, the over-optimization (which basically happens around the world) ends Neighborhood and community identity That distinguished itself noticeably from the rest.

So much so, that we are starting to live in a world where nearly all cities are the same. There are statues, historical monuments, some buildings (less and less) untouchable, and the rest Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks Coffee, Five Guys, McDonald’s And the like.

I don’t want to be a bluff, I love Five Guys, Taco BellStarbucks coffee is most of those options. But it is true that its prevalence is exaggerated Dilute Characterized by many neighborhoods and historical centers of countless cities.

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Netflix’s “remnants”: Return to the ghetto years later

This is what he plays in more than one successful way “remains” Netflix’s movie that gives a lot to talk about.

Directed by Marawi Grima (A filmmaker who focuses a large part of his career on the identity of societies), the film tells the story of a young student who returns to his neighborhood after years of studying abroad.

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What was theoretically was a return to a full place Friends, great places, and reasonable prices It has become a place where it is the complete opposite.

Not even many people who grew up there You can afford it Staying where they developed as people.

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championship Denise Lindsay, Obinna Nwachoku, and Tallinn Stewart (Among other promising names), the tape elegantly tells of significance Roots, character, and affiliation with the site Personality is squandered.

And it doesn’t do it in any way, as Jerima is able to transform every image into a very powerful medium in which its message can be conveyed, so (however risky the statement sounds) we are in front of one of the directors with the most future from United State.

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If you want to see one Ghetto movie But also to receive a specific message and take care of yourself, “Residue” is just the movie you have been looking for.

Of course, here there are no blank languages ​​or superficial commercials, we are faced with a movie that gives a lot to talk about, and unless you intentionally refuse to do so, it will give you Much to think about.

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