Netflix finally released the official trailer for ‘Don’t Look Up’

For a long time, Netflix has kept details and glimpses of do not search. Finally on September 8th, they released their first teaser where it was very clear to us that they are aiming to appear again in the Oscars race in 2022 with this movie. But now, the platform has surprised both locals and strangers The official trailer for this movie And we have to warn you right away that we are facing one of the best acts we will see this year.

In the first preview they showed us a little bit about the plot, which includes two astronomerss (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence), Randall Mindy and Kate Dipasky, Q The discovery of the presence of a meteorite in addition to the dangerous approach to EarthAnd It has the scale and the power to destroy our planet. However, in desperation they try to turn to the US government, as well as the media and even celebrities to report this situation, but they just ignore them.

As the trailer progresses, we realize that The tension that this situation generates in the protagonists of the novel, because they are in a race to save humanity and for obvious reasons avoid the end of the world.. Without a doubt, in this look, Adam McKay’s style emerges, with intense rhythm and a lot of pressure, but above all a lot of black comedy. If you like his work or this kind of story, we are sure of it do not search They will love it and blow their minds.

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Last but not least, Netflix confirmed it do not search It will be released in select US theaters on December 10, and It will arrive in your catalog until December 24.

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