Netflix expands vaccine commitment to all of its employees

A few days ago it was a file We talked about how Netflix has put in place a ‘zero risk’ policy regarding Covid-19, and imposed the vaccination of all actors and their production teams, and now it appears that this imposition will go to more despite Declares that employees should also get vaccinated celebrity a program flow As well as strangers who enter its facilities.

Netflix extends vaccine commitment to all of its employees and visitors

the Managing COVID Vaccines Is one of the most thorny issues these weeks: these days I started more than one big company Enact harsh restrictive measures, including the vaccination obligation for its employees, which has also been approved, in these last hours, by the highest Netflix.

The well-known streaming platform is not new in metrics of this type: indeed A few days ago, Netflix launched the vaccination obligation in its US products, so it is currently impossible to appear without a vaccine first, whether they are actors or members of the film crew

Commitment The big company, however, decided to expand further, given that It will also impose the anti-COVID vaccine on its employees and even visitors. The assignment is clearly clear and concise and no unvaccinated person can attend their job (or do their work from Netflix offices) nor enter any environment related to the company’s facilities.

However, Netflix is ​​not alone in this campaign: recently Disney has also started adopting measures of this kindFor example, by making vaccinations mandatory even for visitors to health facilities. Disney world. We’ll see, at this point, if the controversy stems from these positions taken by the entertainment giants: the feeling, however, is that they are hard-to-return decisions.

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There is no federal money for those companies that don’t get vaccinated

Netflix is ​​a private company that this kind of regulation can be imposed despite the controversy it generates, but the truth is that the United States takes very seriously the fact that companies vaccinate their employees and in fact Those organizations that collect from the state may stop doing this if they do not follow vaccination guidelines.

That same week, it was news in fact, that The Biden administration was considering withdrawing federal funds for these Companies and institutions that do not force their employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The Washington Post published the news, citing its anonymous sources. This measure can apply to different types of organizations, from nursing homes to universities to cruise ships. According to the sources, discussion of the hypothesis is in its initial stages and no decision has yet been taken.

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