Netflix confirms that Full Swing will have another season

If we talked a few weeks ago about It was a worldwide hit full swingseries Netflix explores life golfers professionals In and out of the fields, we can already confirm that in 2024 There will be one Second delivery. News that the platform itself confirmed it a few hours ago after many fans chased the cameras of the US-Great Britain co-production over the past Open Phoenix that have been awarded Scotty Scheffler And in any John Ram finished in third position.

These types of programs have attracted Fast for golf and tennis enthusiasts and gold too enlistment Fans from all over the worldHe commented in a press release Brandon RiggVice President of Documentary and Unrated Series Netflix. “The same way it happens in the rest sports With which we bring stories, people are happy to see the programs with them Captivating characters with Vibrant storytelling. They reveal previously unexplored game plots. So we’re excited to see the twists What will bring us the new season?“, he added.

And that is that although they did not want to provide names, it was confirmed that they would be incorporated into this sequel players who were not present in the first episodes of the documentary. Thus, it will be possible for us to see the No. 1 From the world, John Ramand other heavy weights such as Scotty SchefflerAnd Patrick Cantlie or for himself Tiger woodbecause we assume so Rory McIlroy will remain one of the Claims.

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