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Can we get attached to the monster, find sympathy for the creature and help him solve his problems? Although we see them at first with some trepidation, the moment we find an analogy with them, we can see our problems reflected, awakening sincere solidarity. This formula has been seen countless times in other classic family movies (ET, Lilo and Stitch, My Pet is a Monster, How to Train Your Dragon) and now with Chupa, it’s released in NetflixWe have a refreshing story.

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The plot shows us Alex (Evan Witten), a boy of Mexican descent who has settled in the United States. To try to reconnect with his family, his mother recommends that he travel to Mexico, where he will meet his cousins ​​and grandfather (Demian Bashir). Once with them, he will discover interesting details not only about his family, but also about the mysterious Chupa, an adorable baby chupacabra they accidentally meet along the way. They will have to protect this creature because it is needed by scientists with dubious goals.

We have a story that we’ve seen structurally before, But the charm of these novels lies precisely in their simplicity, allowing them to adapt to new contexts, yet with nuances.

friendship. Alex will discover similarities between himself and the creature he just found. (photo: Netflix)

There is neither here nor there

in suckingThe context that helps distinguish this story from “The Boy and His Pet” is that the narrative focuses part of its story on the alienation Alex feels from his origins. It was rejected in the United States, but it feels no connection to Mexico either. It is a common situation for many children of immigrants: the absence of belonging. Aware that the Latino community continues to grow exponentially in the United States, It was necessary to see this reality reflected more and more in his fictional stories. This aspect helps keep the story fresh and relevant.

Besides, the plot has a lot of charm in itself.. The creature design is really cool and the scenes of the family interacting help carry the heart of the movie. Alex comes to love Mexico because he sees in Chupa the same dilemmas that torment him.

Gentle and simple but with a moral significance. sucking Comes to update this classic story of friendship between a boy and a creature for contemporary generations.


Chupacabra character He is one of the most popular Latin American legends around the world.

The film is directed by Jonas Cuaron. He is the son of the acclaimed and Academy Award winning director Alfonso Cuaron.

– Chupa ranks first in the ranking Peru is one of the most watched movies on Netflix.

Stars: Demian Bashir, Evan Witten, Christian Slater.

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