Netflix: Celebrate Henry Cavill’s birthday with these series and movies from the app

Henry Cavill Become one of the favorite actors of Hollywood. His charisma, talent, and physical attractiveness to women make any participation in a series or movie a true success.

The British actor was born on the 5 of May 1983 on St. Helier Island in United kingdom. At the age of seventeen, he began his adventure in the world of acting, with his participation in the movie Laguna in 2001. Since then he has become one of the favorite actors of film and television fans, thanks to his participation in projects such as Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust and the TV series the Tudors.

So we tell you what movies and series are Henry Cavill What do you see in Netflix To celebrate it as it deserves.

Batman vs Superman

Before we know the name Henry CavillThe signal we had was that it was Superman. The fight between two of our favorite superheroes made it to the big screen, and although it had an intricate plot, the movie had several very valuable things in it. Especially Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Henry Cavill apareci en la pelcula Batman vs Superman
Photo: Netflix

man of Steel

A new Superman version since it was introduced to Henry Cavill Like a superhero. He got a round of applause for his introduction Superman More humane, with more fears and struggles between using his power and his ability to stand up for what he loved so much. Among the great successes of the feature-length film are great special effects, action, and completely revamped Superman.

The Man of Steel marks the comeback of Cavill as Superman
Photo: Netflix

Enola Holmes

Focuses on history Sherlock Holmes And his sister Enola. It has been criticized for using an image Cavill Don’t be the main character. It’s a good movie that has a special characteristic when it breaks the fourth wall and has a script that adapts to the time it is projected well on screen.

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Henry Cavill has a small stake in Enola Holmes
Photo: Netflix

the magician

We will have magic, seduction, work and enviable muscles Henry Cavill. Series of Netflix Based on the books of Polish Andrzej Sapkowski and tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, a magician who wanders the Earth and faces challenges.

All of Cavill’s muscles can be seen in The Witcher
Photo: Netflix

The agent is CIPOL

Spy movie that contains action and comedy. In addition to Herny Cavill we can also see Armie Hammer. Feature Film Full of Action, Tension, Character and Entertainment. You will see sequences of confrontations and our dear Cavill for a good part of the movie.


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