Netflix: “Anonymous” has an Emmy date

The Mexican film “Anonymous” (2021), which premiered at the end of last year on Netflix and stars actress Annie Cabello, It will compete in the Best Non-Animated Film category during the upcoming awards ceremony Amy International, which will be headquartered at New York on November 21st.

The International Emmy Awards are given to the best television programs broadcast and produced outside the United States, and In this edition, 23 countries are competing in 60 nominations.

“Anonymous,” the feature film starring Cabello, is an adaptation of the novel by Wendy Mora, and deals with a youth-themed story in which virtual friendship is the key ingredient for two teens to start the process of falling in love and living through it. The body owns all the processes of happiness and disappointment.

Good product

Annie Cabello, the young protagonist of the Anonymous series, has been involved in other productions, and when she made her debut in 2017 in the movie “My ex’s family” (2017), it was a turning point to participate in the show “as the saying goes” and the TV series “La Negociadora” (La Negociadora) ( Claro Video); today she is a constant content creator on her YouTube channel and other social networks.

In an interview with correspondentThe Mexican actress notes that she came to the film thanks to the “cast” that came to her during the pandemic, “And since they gave me the script, when I read it the first time, it seemed to me that it was a love story; now, when we started working on the script and on the set, I realized That the movie also talked about other topics, such as the importance of finding oneself; Thus, this theme of uncertainty and the theme of love are both in ‘Unknown’and I think the final product has been well achieved. And I think the nomination is an acknowledgment of that quality.”

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deserved nomination

When he learned of the nomination, Cabello stated, “My first reaction was complete shock, I thought they were playing me, that it was a joke. Then of course I was excited, but I can’t believe it yet, I think it’s too good to be true.”.

In these terms, the young actress explains: “Since the film was released I have said that it is a production made with great love; In an incredible way. I feel this helped the audience to relate to and love the film, which was created with the intent of delivering a message.”

Great learning

On the other hand, if Capello is grateful for something, it is “for the actors, because from the beginning we had a great chemistry, although at the beginning we were a little restricted due to the pandemic, but other than that, everything was excellent; to this day, we still In touch, because we worked, but it was with friends, with people who love you very much, who you love and that’s why everything is fun.

for your career, The actress notes that “Anonymous” is important “because it’s my first leading role, just like that; I feel like I – personally and professionally – learned a lot from the process of interpreting this role, plus it’s led to many projects.”. For this reason, it not only helped me train as an actress but also helped me position myself.”

New challenges and improvements

Lucky to be living in a time when the odds of getting a job creating content in the age of broadcasting are possible, Annie Cabello shares those “letters from people writing from Korea, Egypt, Japan, and places I wouldn’t have imagined ‘uncharted'” would arrive, telling me that they They loved it, and at this point where audiovisual content can reach everyone, I feel lucky.”

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follow the count

By the beginning of 2023, the new show in which the actress participates, “El Conde” (2023), with Fernando Colunga and Ana Brenda Contreras, will begin broadcasting on Telemundo: “There I have a young lead role, along with other young actors and actresses, and I am excited Very really; on top of that, this project has given me more complex performances, new challenges, focused on an older audience, and I feel like I’ve grown and my performance has improved.”

Take note

Unknown (2021) on Netflix

  • Tabuk: Maria Torres.
  • Date: Wendy Mora Reyes.
  • distribution: Annie Cabello, Esteve Meirelles, Harold Azwara, Alicia Velez, Tadeu Tovar, Veronica Merchant.



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