Netflix already has a release date for The Flash | spoiler

There are many chains Netflix Those whose filming was affected by the Coronavirus. However, little by little, the streaming giant is resuming its activities and already has a great catalog for this year, but a fantasy not yet available: Sparkle.

The series, based on the life of a super-fast DC superhero, has left fans waiting after its sixth season premiere in May 2020. It’s been ten months since then. Netflix It doesn’t report on Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his team, but Season 7 is already available, despite being on another network.

Netflix has not aired Flash for ten months. Photo: (IMDB)

It comes to b CW, The North American television network from which the story originated, and in airing it each week, the new season included undivided episodes of the sixth installment. However, viewers were still waiting for his arrival at Netflix Outside the United States, and while it’s impossible to believe, the series is available on the platform, but only in Canada

Therefore, for the countries of Latin America, Sparkle It won’t be in the broadcast giant’s catalog until it’s finished broadcasting on Cw. With that in mind, next season will likely not be published until mid-2021.

The next season of The Flash will explain a lot.  Photo: (IMDB)

The next season of The Flash will explain a lot. Photo: (IMDB)

In Season 7 of 18 chapters, all the suspense of the previous installment is fully clarified. Of course, he also delves into the new stories, which will debut in Part Seven, but will continue Season eight, which was just approved.

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