Nestor Ramos, a financier who hides the secrets of the Kirchnerism and Chavismo

Argentine financier Nestor Ramos, now accused by the Spanish justice of money laundering in favor of Chavismo and the Northern Italian League, Creation of a trust fund called Helvetic Services Group who participated in the K Money Route and carried out millionaire and suspicious financial operations through companies in Nevada, Malta, the Czech Republic and the Seychelles, among others tax havens.

Ramos was not extradited to Argentina from Switzerland, where he currently resides, for investigation because he has argued that he is seriously ill.

So far it is only processed in Argentina At the second station In the Money Route K case in which businessman Lazaro Baez was sentenced to twelve years in prison, but his financial relationship record shows that “Hide Judicial sources consulted before said, “Data on the laundering of blackened silver by Kirchner and Chavez.” Clarion.

In 2014, Prosecutor José Maria Campagnoli, the first to investigate the Ruta del Dinero K, discovered that Helvetic had invented – through Mossack and Fonseca’s famous Panamanian study of the Panama Papers scandal – 148 shell companies in Nevada, United States.

And that they are all managed by the Aldyne Company, which is also set up in that state – in Las Vegas – and with a legal address in Seychelleswhich are the same islands where then-President Cristina Kirchner in 2014 created Controversial technical metric On his return trip from Vietnam.

With Chavismo, Ramos – a Cordoba who initially worked as a lawyer – became a shareholder and director of the company Sarleaf Limited, of the Venezuelan Ceballos family, which was responsible for the construction of several social housing construction plans in Chavismo.

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Ramos was born in Córdoba in 1963, and while in high school he joined the Civil Rights Commission, from which he later withdrew. Work started in Study located in Caseros 681 of the capital of Córdoba and later in the financial company MCR SRL.

In 1989 he traveled to Italy and obtained Italian citizenship from his native mother and started doing international business.

In the 1990s he quickly became an expert in offshore companies. On November 14, 2005Ramos founded Helvetic Services Group SA in Lugano, canton Ticino of the Swiss Confederation, with a capital of one hundred thousand Swiss francs. He did so as director and holder of thirty-three percent of the shares. Together with Ramos, the Italian-Swiss Claudio Giovanni Fontana and Verina Ursula Fontana signed the articles of incorporation.

Displaced persons abroad by Nestor Ramos

Helvetic Financial advisor and trust fund managerreal estate, etc., allowing tax evasion and money laundering in various countries.

In 2007, two years after its creation in Switzerland, Helvetic arrived in Argentina. As the parent company of the Eyden Group LLC, a limited liability company, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The Official Gazette stated that “[Eden]’s legal representative is Edgardo Raúl Levita”.

Also with the Houston LLC whose shareholder is financier Jorge Galites, who was sued for his transfer Part of 17 million dollars With whom was Kirchner’s former secretary, Daniel Muñoz, bought two floors of the Plaza Hotel in New York in 2014, The current vice president’s favorite.

Levita and Galitis denied having any connection with Kirchnerism. Aiden and Houston were used to buy apartments in Argentina.

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In 2013, Helvetic Financial bought the company “La Rosadita” From Federico Elaskar, who later passed into the hands of Lázaro Báez’s entourage. Subsequently, Helvetic made a “lending” of 453 million pesos to Austral Construcion.

In a report submitted to the Inspectorate General of Justice, Helvetic stated that it had dealt with assets for Sixty million dollars worldwide. He added in that document that his investments are concentrated in Panama, the Netherlands Antilles, Tanzania, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Before the K Money Route scandal, Helvetic reported that she had Investments in the company Garbarino, Which was one of the biggest sellers of home appliances in Argentina. Garbarino stated that he had surgery and then distanced himself.

In that report to IGJ, it listed Helvetic among its assets GB and Partners SL (later renamed Wodson International SL), with $14.4 million, and Sambers Hantarex Spain SL, with another 14 million in the same coin.

One of the companies created by Helvetic founder, Ramos, also dedicated to buying and selling players in South America: Vansomatic Suisse SA.

Internationally, Helvetic Continental Group is the parent company of two trading companies in Spain, each with headquarters in Barcelona: GB & Partners Trading and Consulting SL and Serbel Trade SL.

Judicial sources were shocked by the fact that Javier Vanilla, Ramos’ nephew, Appears as director of a group of companies based in Great Britain: Credit One Europe LTD, Dermaine LTD, Fedavie LTD and Partlite LTD, all have registered offices in London, 1st Floor 41 Shalton Street.

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In a complaint lodged with the Uruguayan justice system in 2014, Together for Change MP, Graciela Occana, denounced that Helvetic: “formed or taken over.” Of eighteen companies based in England, eight in Ireland, nine in Spain, and ten in Switzerlandone in Luxembourg, two in Panama, three in Uruguay, and two in New Zealand.”

“Most of the Helvetic Services Group participates as the sole or responsible shareholder,” Okana added.

“In this sense, it was possible to discover payments arising from acts of corruption in the Argentine Republic in operations on behalf of the company located in England Swiss Limited HotelsOkana emphasized.

Subsequently, that company opened a branch in Argentina and a financial headquarters located at Calle Juramento 2089, 3rd floor, Buenos Aires, which “will have links with the company located in Luxembourg.” cactus SA Investors,” added the legislator.

Unfortunately, the Argentine Ministry of Justice has not yet confirmed any of these shell companies ramos network They were used to commit crimes which they weren’t. Certainly, the judge of Spain will now give a boost to the open cases in Argentina.

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