“Neither science nor researchers are valued as they deserve.”

Ciudad de Talavera Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation. At only 31 years old, how did you hear the news? Did you expect it?
It was the mayor herself who called me and informed me of this. I thought it was a very nice detail on his part. I didn’t expect it at all, so the news made me even happier.

What training made you worthy of this recognition?
At Talavera de la Reina she studied at Colegio Sagrados Corazones-MM Agustinas. I graduated in Biology from the University of Extremadura, I have a Masters in Tropical Diseases and a PhD in the field of Microbiology from the University of Salamanca.

What does your job in Glasgow consist of now? How long and why is there?
I have been appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Alcala for a period of four years. In the world of science, a stay abroad is very important. Learning about new groups and other ways of working, learning about new technologies and creating new collaborations is crucial in our field. That’s why I moved to Glasgow. The total length of stay is about three and a half months, after which I will return to my job at the University of Alcalá.
My work in Glasgow is an extension of my work in Spain. In my research group in Spain, we are working on testing newly synthesized molecules, developed by the Department of Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Alcalá. Our goal is to eliminate biofilms formed by microorganisms that are particularly harmful to humans. The next step in our research is focused on gene expression, which is why I’m in Scotland.

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In your opinion, is science and research valuable enough?
Unfortunately, in Spain, neither science nor researchers are valued as they deserve. Getting projects funded for research is increasingly complex, but getting work as a researcher in Spain is even more difficult. I am very fortunate to work at the University of Alcala. Achieving the personality of a doctor, whatever the field, requires many years, time and money, which is why it is unfortunate that a large number of researchers cannot find decent work or are forced to go abroad to study. Get to know their work. Despite this, I encourage anyone who dreams of being a scholar.

Your city has already done so, and has given you the highest credit.
Yes, and that fills me with pride. I feel Talaveran very much and for me it is an honor and happiness that my city values ​​my scientific career.

Will you get the prize?
I am sad to say that I will not be able to attend, and will still be in Scotland. However, my mother will pick it up, it is better for her to pick it up. My parents have always supported me in everything, and thanks to them, their encouragement and faith in me, I was able to be who I am today.

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