Neither Argentina nor the Vatican: The Pope admitted where he would live if he retired

In a new TV appearance, the Pope Francisco He stated that if he decided to withdraw from his place as the highest exponent of the Catholic Church, he would not reside in the Vatican or in Argentina.

Jorge Bergoglio He had everything planned before his election to the conclave on March 13, 2013. He would leave his position as recognized archbishop and retire to a “beautiful apartment” in Buenos Aires, where he pleaded his ears to continue listening to confessions and visiting patients in Argentine hospitals.

This idea, after white smoke had declared his election, was so carried away that he never returned to the country, and no longer contemplated Argentine retirement when he left his post in the Holy See.

On July 11, Mexican journalists gave an interview to Francisco Maria Antonietta Collins and Valentina Alazrachi, from the channels. Univision s the television, Among the various topics he talked about, he talked about his future retirement.

Although he denied that this decision was analyzed, he stressed that “the door is open” since his predecessor Benedict XVI He resigned in 2013, the first to do so in 600 years.

Benedict’s criticism was not without criticism: the former German pope continued to use his papal identity (his real name is Joseph Ratzinger), and even wore a classic white dress identifying him as the Holy Father.

Francis defended him, “The first experience went well because he is a holy and wise man,” without entering into disagreements within the Vatican.

Moreover, he added that “most likely notI will not live in the Vatican or Argentina, but in the Basilica of San Juan de Letran, the seat of the Bishops of Rome. “I am Bishop of Rome, in this case Honorary Bishop of Rome‘, justified.

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Francisco and his relationship with Raul Castro

In another paragraph of the interview, Francisco clarified his association with the former Cuban president, Raul Castroand described as a “human relationship” the treatment between the two.

“I love the Cuban people very much, I love them very much, and I have good human relations with the Cuban people, and I also admit that, and with Raul Castro I have a human relationship,” he said.

He also responded to comments linking him to communism. “When they accuse me of being a communist, I say: “How outdated is this.” These accusations are over, and I find them outdated. It’s the making of small ideological groups.”


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