Neil Gaiman doesn’t know if ‘The Sandman’ will have a second season for being ‘too expensive’

The DC Comics creator is still not sure if Netflix will renew the number one show this month.

hypnotic It is series number one NetflixAnd the And although its first season caused a stir among fans of the comics it created Neil Gaiman for DCIn fact, the second season is still at stake due to various factors.

Hace unas horas se publicó material inédito que confirmaba una nueva temporada, pero a solo unos minutos de ser difundido en las cuentas oficiales de la plataforma de streaming fue eliminado, algo que dejó confundidos a los seguidores de esta de producción miles everybody.

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Given these facts, Gaiman made his speculation about hypnotic He admitted that although he hoped to renew it, the truth is that being number one doesn’t guarantee anything, because production is very expensive, so Netflix I can choose not to do a second part.

Answer some questions about Gaiman explained that Twitter Why don’t fans assume that the show’s popularity will lead to a second season.

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“Because Sandman is too expensive,” Gaiman tweeted, in response to a commenter who asked why the S2 hadn’t been confirmed yet.

Gaiman continued, “And for Netflix to release the money to let us do another season, we have to do it very well. Well, we’ve been the best show in the world for the past two weeks. That might not be enough.”

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The series has garnered more than 127.5 million watch hours, and is also in the top ten in 93 countries on Netflix, and is #1 on Netflix. US, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Pakistan and many more.

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It is not yet known what the fate of this production, inspired by the god of Greek mythology Morpheus, will be, so its followers will have to wait for the second part to come true.

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