Negotiations progress with the Paris Club | A technical team from Economy traveled to France

The person responsible for relations with multilateral organizations and the President of the INDEC, Marco Lavagna, and the President of the Palacio de Hacienda Consultants, Leonardo Madcor, Technical meetings officially began on Thursday in the French capital to close the agreement with the Paris Club.

Official sources indicated that “The technical assignment is of a reserved nature” and is currently in the French capital With his counterpart Emmanuel Moulin, general manager of his country’s treasury and president of the Paris Club.

Minister of Economy , Sergio Massa will travel to the same city “at the end” of the negotiations to complete the renegotiation with Molin. More than $2 billion remaining in debt and interest due so far in 2022.

The Debt, outside the Paris Club, is starting to be an item on the agenda in Europe, due to the European Central Bank’s decision to raise interest rates again. And it was known this Thursday that it increased it by 75 basis points, which means an unprecedented increase in more than a decade, in the context of inflation data in the euro area by about 9.9 percent on an annual basis. Thus, prices are in the 1.5-2 percent range, as of next November 2.

It seems that the European situation with the approach of winter in the northern hemisphere is becoming more complex, a Difference with the United States, which has energy supplies and showed good results in the latest statistics of its activities. It was reported that the US economy achieved a GDP growth of 2.6 percent in the third quarter and emerged from the recession.

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for this part, On the local level, it became clear that the central bank bought one million dollars this Thursday, On a day it turned 245 million. In the unofficial segment, the blue dollar recorded a decrease of 1 pesos, to 291 pesos per unit.

From the Ministry of Economy, meanwhile, they reported that The Treasury secured 148 billion pesos in this week’s local currency debt auction It generated positive net funding of over 13 billion pesos. So far in October, it has secured additional funding of more than 34 billion pesos.

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