Near Malvinas: Concerned about US nuclear submarine maneuvers alongside British aircraft

The national government has expressed “grave concern” about the US submarine navigation in the South Atlantic USS Greenville.

He pointed out, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that “carrying and using nuclear weapons” in this regard contradicts United Nations resolutions in this regard, and called for respecting the region as a “zone of peace and cooperation.”

at Chancellery statement She expressed “grave concern over the information arising from.” Official Twitter account Of the commander of the Atlantic Submarine Force (Comsublant), in which it is noticed that they have worked recently with British support in the South Atlantic, “which indicates the global reach of both countries.”

Land of fire

The province of Tierra del Fuego condemned the incident as a “flagrant violation” of international conventions.

In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that “the presence of ships capable of carrying and using nuclear weapons in the South Atlantic is inconsistent with Resolution 41/11 of the United Nations General Assembly (Peace and Cooperation Zone in the South Atlantic), which: among other provisions, calls for Countries of all other regions, especially the militarily important countries, to strict respect for the South Atlantic region as a region of peace and cooperation. “

This is not the first time that Argentina, on the other hand, has indicated the presence of a British military base in the Malvinas Islands, which also contradicts various United Nations resolutions such as 31/49, which is required of the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Northern will accelerate negotiations on the sovereignty dispute, “the text indicates.

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The San Martin Palace statement asserts that “the use of these unlawfully placed forces for global geostrategic purposes is complete evidence that the arguments used by the United Kingdom have nothing to do with the bilateral relationship with Argentina.”

Finally, “We urge all signatory states to the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (Treaty of Tlatelolco) and its Additional Protocols to respect their provisions and to refrain from all activities that endanger the military situation. Nuclear disarmament of the region.”

The Argentine government regrets that when we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, international relations will seek to continue building on the basis of expanding military capabilities.

USS Grenville in the Atlantic. Photo released by the US Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet.

International waters

Defense Minister Agustin Rossi also referred to the case and made clear that an American submarine sailing across the South Atlantic does so “in international waters” and “has a nuclear drive, because one thing is a submarine with nuclear weapons, and another thing is that it has a nuclear drive”.

“It is not in Argentine waters, it is in international waters. The information we have so far is that it did not happen in Argentine waters, because this would be a very stressful situation, but it almost certainly happened in international waters,” the defense owner said in statements to C5N .

Alert in Tierra del Fuego

On Thursday evening, the Governor of Fujian, Gustavo Melilla, warned against operating the ship and expressed his “grave concern over this unacceptable act.”

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The President indicated through his Twitter account that “the information provided by the Submarine Forces Command in the Atlantic to the United States reveals a flagrant violation of the Peace and Cooperation Zone in the South Atlantic ratified by Resolution 41/11 of the United States. United Nations General Assembly.”

He added that “the introduction of a nuclear submarine in the South Atlantic, if it had entered the Argentine sovereign space, would be an unprecedented event in our history and would involve extremely dangerous work for all countries of the region.”

In this regard, Melilla questioned the fact that the information issued by the US submarine command itself speaks of “the cooperation that the British aircraft stationed in our Falkland Islands have received, indicating that they are“ independent British territory ”, a measure that conflicts with United Nations resolutions and the official position of the government United State “.

He concluded by saying, “We express our grave concern about this unacceptable act not only for our boycott and our country, but for all the world’s citizens who are fighting against colonialism and living in a world free of nuclear weapons.”

USS Grenville (SSN-772) is a Los Angeles class submarine of the United States Navy, launched in 1994 and named in honor of the city of Grenville, Tennessee. Its crew is about 115 people, including officers, non-commissioned officers and sailors.

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