Navarra returns to the scene as a world ski center

After last year’s arc imposed by COVID-19Back this weekend Pamplona International Marathon – Puente la Reina (P2P), recognized as the most powerful in the world. In its twelfth edition, the test maintains the novelty implemented in 2019, in two stages, 21.7 km between Zubairy and Pamplona on Saturday The traditional marathon 42 kilometers on Sunday, departing from Bosquecillo and arriving at Puente la Reina. More than 550 skaters are registered to participate in this course.

This new edition was presented by the delegate of the Adviser of Social Services, Community Action and Sport, Maria Caballero, the Managing Director of the Navarro Sports Institute, Miguel Angel Pozueta, and the President of Club Deportivo Pereiro Aire, the organizer of the event, Iosu Saldise. Which, as the main novelty, is open to the participation of skaters and “fitness” skaters, that is, participants famous or non-Federal who will also be able to enjoy the challenge of this test. The press conference was also attended by the president of the Navarra Ski Federation, Pedro Saracibar, the mayor of Puente la Reina, Oihan Mindo, and Arantexa Blanco, a member of the P2P organization.

More than 550 participants come from fifteen countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine and Venezuela), making it the most international edition. 35% of the registrants are women and among them will be Mighty Unsin, Winner of the 2019 Final Edition. He will also try to repeat the title in the male category Nolas Pedaf. The event will be attended by many world champions and many medalists such as French World Medalist Marine Leuvere, Colombian P2P World Champion Ora Quintana in 2016, Navarrese Maialen Oñate, European Marathon Champion, or Cuban International Medalist Haila Brunet . In the men’s category, France’s world champion Ewen Fernandez, Elton de Souza and Martin Ferry, Austrian international medalists Christian Krumoser and Jakob Ulrich, Pacchi Beola of Vitoria and young Navarese Javier Larsoyen.

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This event has become a standard on the national and international ski calendar, combining stiffness and surroundings, traveling several kilometers through rural landscapes or along the Camino de Santiago. In addition, the organization pays special attention to the overall social and environmental standards, being an event committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, it cooperates with several NGOs that provide the space and means to support them in raising awareness of the population in the different regions in which they work and make an economic contribution to different associations such as Ethiopia Patina, Girna, Brasadas de Supración, Axion Contra la Trata or Asfuna. These associations, for their part, cooperate with P2P, prepare reports for the improvement of their areas and provide volunteers for the development of weekend activities.

Stages and prizes

The stage between Zubairy and Pamplona, ​​with a length of just over 21 kilometers, It will take place on Saturday from 5:00 pm.. A much simpler route than the Sunday one, which has practically no unevenness and is convenient in principle. The test will pass through Urdániz, Larrasoaña, Zuriáin and Zabaldika, where it will be the flying target and liquid refreshment station, Oluki, Huarte, Villava and Perlada, until it ends in Bosquecillo already in Pamplona.

The 42-kilometer marathon will be held on Sunday. in a 10 hours from departure time at The Grove To start a very arduous journey, with continuous ascents and descents, including the mountain pass. The race will pass through Sears Minor, Pattern, and on the way to Orbea, where the flying goal is located, there will also be time for liquid supplies. We will continue via Ibero, Etxauri and Ciriza, where there are both liquid and solid refreshment stations, Belascoain, Orendáin station with the third liquid refreshment area, Artazu and Puente la Reina.

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Test prizes, between 600 and 100 euros, to the top five overall for the two tests, in both the male and female categories, as well as the first and first Navara. There are also prizes between 200 and 100 euros for the first three ranked times in the first stage (Zuberi – Pamplona) and between 300 and 150 for the first three marathons (Pamplona – Puente la Reina). If a skater manages to break the record for the second stage, he will win the sum of prizes in the corresponding category, which is 450 euros more. There will also be a cash prize for those who pass the flight and mountaintop goals first.

Tests also at Antoniotti Palace and challenges at Puente la Reina

Children between the ages of 3 and 14 will also take the test in P2P TxikiIt will take place at Circuit Antoniotti on Saturday afternoon, starting at 6:00 pm. 3 categories have been created for different ages and with different distances. The cost of registering for these exams is 6 euros and includes a souvenir. Adults can only participate if they are accompanied by a minor. The use of a helmet will be mandatory.

Category 3 to 6 will award two Antoniotti track courses to complete the 560m; Those who participate in the category from the age of 7 to 10 will perform four laps, i.e. 1120 metres; Those in the 11-14 age group will have to do six laps, which is 1,680 metres. The goal of P2P Txiki is to allow youngsters to experience leaving loops and tracks and enhancing skateboarding.

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Finally, and as the culmination of the skating ceremony, the public in Puente la Reina will have the opportunity to witness a triple challenge between figures from athletics and speed skating. Once the last entrant crosses the finish line, the challenge for the four great athletes from our community, the Relay Challenge. Ruth Arza with Jonathan Gallar, both from Txantrea KKE.

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