Navantia exports S-80: India, Colombia and Canada in the spotlight

A new submarine for the Spanish Navy

German Romero Valenti (Navantia): “There are countries that will have to renew their fleets in the coming years, such as Canada or Colombia.”

04/22/2021 | Cartagena

Rocco Argonella

Navantia He expressed an interest in participating in future programs to export the submarine S-80, In addition to India, in other countries such as Canada or Colombia. Although the Spanish shipyard has been excluded from the Dutch submarine program, the company believes new export opportunities will emerge.

Romero Valenti, The engineering director of the Cartagena shipyard, explained L. That “there are countries that will have to renew their fleets in the coming years, ten years from now, perhaps, or more, such as Canada or Colombia.” During the press conference on the submarine display S-80 Romero stressed in Cartagena that “those countries could be interested in a submarine with these characteristics.”

In addition, the engineering director stated, “There are others who may have the intention of refurbishing and we still don’t know if they will really look for something like this submarine, which is a high-performance submarine and they should be navies, agents with great capabilities. Complicated this size. “

The engineering director of the shipyard in Cartagena acknowledged that Navantia’s commercial activity sparks interest in the submarine S-80 Internationally, it has been very severe in recent years. “We participate in all series of events, conferences and conferences internationally to try to assess and communicate a situation in which we already have our program, thus opening the eyes of potential clients to access opportunities in terms of Hai,” Romero declared.

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Specifically, Navantia has actually been involved in both Euronaval In Paris in 2020, a highly recognized event in the maritime sector, as well as in the tenth edition of Marine Engineering Conference (Sinef), Organized by the Colombian Military Institute, providing the characteristics of the S-80 submarine to the Colombian Navy (ARC).

Negotiations with India

Navantia is currently one of five companies shortlisted for the P75I to build six submarines for the India Marina With Naval Group (France), ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) (Germany), fat (Russia) and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) From South Korea. Regarding the status of these negotiations, Germain Romero said, “That is, in a short time, we hope it will be.” Indian Ministry of Defense Procurement Committee Go ahead and start showing off a little. This year, perhaps, it will be known who will be selected for the final stage. “

Romero was optimistic about Spain’s chances of winning the Indian competition. “It is a design that fits exactly as it is and with a very limited number of modifications as required by the Indian Ministry of Defense, which makes it a very good candidate. It is a ship that is in and will be so in the water right away and we hope we will have opportunities and success.”

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