Nation’s Prosecutor: “We found serious evidence of allegations of a criminal organization entrenched in the palace”

The State Prosecutor decides on a constitutional complaint against Pedro Castillo

The Public Prosecution He called on the media to almost follow the public prosecutor’s announcement to the nation, Patricia Benavides VargasThrough the organization’s official account on Facebook. This announcement came a few minutes after the official submission of the constitutional complaint against the President of the Republic was announced. Peter’s Castle.

As announced on the social networks of the National Prosecutor’s Office, the constitutional complaint concerns Alleged crimes of criminal organization, influence peddling and collusion, up to former ministers Juan Silva Villegas and Jenner Alvarado Lopez.

The Prosecutor began her conference with a blunt declaration: “We have found serious evidence of the alleged presence of a criminal organization entrenched in the government palace for the purpose of capturing, controlling and directing contracting operations to obtain illegal profits.”

The official indicated, according to the investigation, that The organization is led by the President of the Republic They were combined, among others, by ex-ministers Juan Silva, Jainer Alvarado, and former Petropero general manager, Hugo Chavez.

as he said that Crimes of criminal organization, abuse of power and collusion They could have been committed in the cases called the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Puente Tarata), Petroperú and the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

“Today we present to the Congress of the Republic the constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo Teron and other registered members of the alleged criminal organization,” he stressed.

Benavides added that the complaint is based on Discover obtaining financial benefits from appointments to key positionsin the collection of percentages of illegally obtained bids and illegal use of presidential powers.

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From this moment on, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility The Congress of the Republic shall decide on the handling of the constitutional complaint within the framework of the United Nations Convention against Corruption‘, he confirmed.

In the same vein, the Attorney General warned of a “Continuous and vicious obstruction of justice by the alleged criminal organization”Who exploits his presence in the government, threatens the independence of the Public Prosecution, and constantly intimidates him and his family.

He emphasized that “the harassment of the special team of prosecutors and the national police, among other actions, seriously jeopardizes the continuation of investigations and the discovery of the truth that all the people of Peru hope to know.”

The prosecutor’s complaint also reached former ministers Juan Silva (Transport and Communications) and Jenner Alvarado (Housing, Construction and Sanitation).

In the Puente Tarata 3 case, an investigation is underway into whether the president, along with former MTC minister Juan Silva and his nephews Fray Vázquez and Gianmarco Castillo, operated a public business of 232.5 million soles for a consortium contacted by operators Zamir Villaverde Garcia and Hugo Meneses Cornejo .

Petroperú is investigating the $74 million award of alleged irregular B100 biodiesel to the entrepreneur’s Heaven Petroleum Operators (HPO). Samir AbadiyehBefore winning the contract, he met the head of state at the government palace.

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