Natalia Vera competed in Canada

Between Thursday and Sunday in Milton, Canada, the Argentine track team participated in the third and final stage of the FIFA Nations Cup. With Rafaela’s Daniel Capella as one of the coaches, along with Walter Perez, runner Natalia Vera, also a representative of the Rafaela Cycling Club, was a member.
On her first day of participation, she took part in a speed test where she was ranked 22nd with a time of 11sec 152/1000, while Valentina Luna of Buenos Aires placed 28th with a score of 11sec 541. In the first Heat, she was the home of Santiago de. Compostela Beltran, based for several years in Rafaela, could not with Poland’s Nikola Sijak, and Luna was eliminated by China’s Yulu Jiang.
Then, on Sunday, she ended her Canadian track entry in the keirin test where she was unable to qualify in the Heat, then finished second in the heat, failing to advance into the semi-finals.
The best cyclists in the world participate in the Nations Cup which awards points for the Olympic and World Games. Besides the results, it was another valuable experience for Nati Vera, who last month was the champion of a similar event in Cairo, Egypt.

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