NASA on asteroid red alert: Urgently watch for a huge meteor with a trajectory to Earth

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Astronomers from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (a pot) Confirm detection Asteroid 2023DWa celestial being 50 meters in diameter.

The meteorite, Dimensions Similar to those in the Olympic poolwas revealed in February 27, 2023 And It can affect the Earth in 23 years. Although they from the space agency explain the possibility of this happening “It’s too small”.

“We’ve been tracking a new asteroid called 2023 DW that has an extension Very little chance of it impacting Earth in 2046NASA remarks in a tweet.

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In any case, they explain, “when new organisms are first discovered, several weeks of data are required Reduce uncertainties and adequately predict their orbits years into the future“.

What is the probability of an asteroid 2023DW impacting Earth?

NASA, discovered in January this year The presence of another type of asteroidsexplained that the possibility of a meteorite hitting the Earth It is 1 in 625.

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although European Space Agency (ESA) works to avoid any kind of unexpected event, and the fact is that the celestial body is classified Within level 1 of the rotation scale Impact risk classification method Near-Earth Objects.

NASA: When will observations of asteroid 2023DW begin?

The chances of it hitting the ground are very low. But NASA is investigating For this meteor shower from March 8th. In this way, you will be able to have greater certainty at your disposal.

So far, as explained by the agency, It will not cause catastrophic damage to the Earth. However, they are afraid Potential damage to public infrastructure.

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