NASA discovered “human garbage” on Mars

The Perseverance Rover spacecraftwhich is responsible for transit Marsis found “human trashIn the desert of the Red Planet, near where the ship is landing.

This discovery alarmed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The object that the ship found was A shiny piece of aluminum foil.

According to NASA, this substance is used to control the temperature. From the US agency they are investigating how this object got to the Martian desert.

NASA posted on the Aircraft Twitter account: “My team discovered something unexpected: It’s a piece of thermal blanket they think may have come from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that left me on landing day in 2021.” .

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For scientists, the debris could have separated from the spacecraft at the time of landing or it could have been blown away by wind when the persistent rover reached Mars.

Various space agencies show their concern about the human presence in space. With a space mission to Mars, terrestrial waste is released from ships or research teams.

This problem does not only occur on other planets or on the Moon. Various scientists have discovered debris such as satellites, instruments, old and non-working metals in Earth’s orbit. This situation begins to be a problem for launching ships into space or to space stations.

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