Mystery of dogs rescued from lava from La Palma volcano: Appear in foster home delivered anonymously (video)


October 27, 2021 15:12 GMT

At the moment, the identity of the person known as the “team” who rescued the animals is not known, as well as who is the owner of the hounds, because he has not yet claimed them.

Dogs who had been trapped for weeks in two ponds in the municipality of Todoc, surrounded by lava from the La Palma volcano, were rescued by a group of unknown people who called themselves ‘Team’They do well at an animal shelter.

The animals are guarded by the institution managing the eruption emergency, Pevolca, and will soon be checked for health, according to the Social Rights Ministry’s Director General of Animal Rights, Sergio Garcia.

After being supervised by Seprona – the nature protection service of the Civil Guard – the dogs will remain in the hands of the Canary Islands government. This body will determine What will be the fate of the animals?If they are abandoned or lost and if the return to the owner is authorized, who still does not know who it is, because he did not claim the hounds.

The College of Veterinarians said Monday that the dogs had been handed over anonymously to the team following up on the emergency. “I have been told that they are currently in sanctuary dependencies on the island and that their evaluation by Seprona is pending,” pointed out Garcia in statements collected by the Canary Islands 7.

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From the platform, an organization that has revealed the situation of these six dogs trapped in two ponds, they are highly critical of the rescue and subsequent management. They are against animals that are under the protection of Pevolka and that this case has not yet been referred to the judicial authorities. In addition, they assert that alien rescue is not subject to animal patterns, but rather obeys the intention Dog owner ‘cover’ So as not to face a penalty.

Mysterious team

Rescue workers, whose identity is still unknown, may also face penalties, because they have entered an exclusion zone Traffic blocked And they used a drone to record the place, without permission for this kind of flight.

About the now famous “team”, it has been speculated that it could consist of Firefighter, volcanologist and fisherman, a team too small to be able to carry six animals. It is rumored that many people on the island may be aware of their identity, but do not wish to reveal their identity so as not to face criminal or administrative consequences.

In this context, a video was published last Monday with pictures of six dogs in a house, showing that they are in good health.

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From they deplore that although the dogs shown are the ones trapped in the pond, the photos could have been recorded prior to the eruption and would not have been taken in a shelter, but in the fisherman’s chambers. However, Diario Animalista confirms that the images are authentic and that they were taken on Thursday, October 21, in a temporary home, before being handed over to the team of vets.

The dogs were due to be rescued on Wednesday of last week by a drone company from Galicia that had traveled to the island to try Unpublished process. However, when they tried to reach them they found that the animals were not in the place, although there were human footprints. Soon after, a sign saying the dogs were fine was discovered.

In addition to the six rescued dogs, this has been confirmed The seventh died in a pond; He is known as the dog with white socks.

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