Mystery at NASA: Voyager 1 sends strange data from space

The Container It announced that it was receiving very mysterious data from the Voyager 1 space probe, which was created 44 years ago. This ship collects information and sends it back to Earth to respond to multiple investigations. However, a problem occurred that puzzled experts.

According to the scholars, Voyager 1 He continues to send commands but there is a mysterious glitch in the readings from the AACS, a control system, making it impossible to track his whereabouts in space. Given this situation, The data received does not match the actual location of the probe. In addition, it also does not transmit information about what is happening on board the ship..

“An enigma like this is normal at this point in the Voyager mission.”Voyager 1 and 2, director Susan Dodd, said through a statement from Container. Currently, the spacecraft is 23.3 billion kilometers from Earth and continues to move away at a speed of more than 61 thousand kilometers per hour.

What I’m missing in all of this, he explained Wormsis that, despite the failures, the antenna is still completely aimed at the ground, so the “safe mode” that is automatically activated when the ship begins to malfunction is not activated. These spacecraft are approximately 45 years old, much older than mission planners expected. We’re also in interstellar space, a highly radioactive environment where no spacecraft has flown before.”The expert noted.

In this sense, he stressed, “there are huge challenges ahead for the engineering team,” but they hope they can identify the problem soon. however, There is also the possibility that the error will never be identified..

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New theory: The universe could have been created by UFOs

Recently, scientist Abraham Loeb, director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, assumed a A theory that the universe could have been created by a superior civilization in some laboratory It is located very far from the earth.

According to this theory, There will be a civilization of UFOs able to combine quantum mechanics and gravity to produce ‘mini-universes’.i.e. the small universes that are self-controlled and capable of creating life.

“Because our universe has a flat geometry with net zero energy, an advanced civilization has developed a technology that creates a newborn universe from nothing through quantum tunneling.”plot lube In a study published Scientific American.

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